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Again, the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) details the best wireless providers in the United States. There are some changes this time. Some carriers have improved and some have worsened. The good news is that there are winners, but no losers. All wireless providers scored in the range 7-8 out of 10 categories. That’s great news, but it can also make it muddy to find a clear choice for you and your needs.

This column presents some of the data from this latest report. We also share some thoughts on what that means and how to choose the best wireless provider for you.

How to choose the right wireless provider for you

This report categorizes wireless providers into two different categories.

One: Mobile network operator (MNO). This means Verizon Wireless, AT & T, and T-Mobile. These companies own their own towers and networks. There are also other small businesses with limited footprints, such as US Cellular and C Spire Wireless.

2: Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). There are two types of MVNO providers: full-service MVNOs and value MVNOs.

Full-service MVNO providers include AT & T’s Cricket Wireless, Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, Altique Mobile, T-Mobile’s Metro, and Google Project Fi.

Value MVNOs include companies such as Consumer Cellular, Straight Talk Wireless, Total Wireless, Tracfone, SafeLink Wireless, Simple Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, Q Link Wireless and Assurance Wireless.

Which wireless MNO or MVNO is best for you?

No MVNO provider owns and operates its own wireless network. Instead, they are resellers. They are reselling either Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, or AT & T Mobility.

Therefore, the quality of MVNOs is no better than resale carriers. So nothing is better than AT & T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile.

I was surprised to find out how poor the quality of some MVNO resellers is. Things to keep in mind when comparing providers.

AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Wireless MNO Providers

Cricket Wireless has been resold and is owned by AT & T. The quality of this service is excellent. Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile are reselling Verizon Wireless. Altice Mobile will resell T-Mobile. All three also offer good quality.

I have tried several different MVNO resellers and the results have been mixed. Some were excellent in quality and customer service, while others were terrible.

Another point to consider for MVNO resellers is that they generally do not offer advanced services like international usage. It is also in the second position, especially if the network is busy.

Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, Altique Mobile, Project Fi, and other MVNO resellers

The report shows that AT & T Mobility’s performance improved by 1 point, while T-Mobile’s performance decreased by 1 point.

Why one point really chooses one provider over another? Most people don’t think this is a big enough difference.

This is the point. There are winners and losers in this report, but the difference between winners and losers is so small that it doesn’t really matter.

The wireless industry in this country is getting better and stronger year by year and will continue to move in that direction.

That is the true value of these reports today. They keep each competitor on their toes.

Choosing the best wireless provider for your needs

Choose the career you want based on your own personal needs and experience with coverage, customer service, costs and more.

There are differences, but one customer thinks he is the winner, another customer thinks he is the loser, and vice versa.

All wireless operators offer excellent connectivity, but in reality there are differences.

For example, in my neighborhood, one carrier has a stronger coverage signal than another. All my morning coffee groups say the same thing, but each has a different and strongest career. So it depends on where they live, work and spend their time.

ACSI wireless reports are generally valuable

These ACSI reports are important. They are valuable for general conclusions. It’s like a photo judgment of horse racing. They provide an accurate view of the race.

This type of tracking allows all carriers to be aware of the competition and keep them at the top of the game.

But most services today are all very close to each other. Choosing the right career for you within this group is a new challenge.

Remember that the best choice for you may not be the best choice for those who live nearby. It all depends on where you spend your time every day. Careers vary and only you can decide which one is best for you.

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