The Best Things to Do from Home in Portland This Week: April 22-28, 2021 – Portland, Oregon

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If you’re not interested in yoga or aren’t wet with the rain, make lots of pina coladas and avoid the drizzle in the latest online event summary. Are you still with us after that shameless Rupert Holmes reference? Continue reading for more information. SPLIFF watch party When people who do not knowChase Burns and Jasmine Camig, concert with acclaimed violinist Rachel Barton Pine, Talking with Powell Jonny Sun and Samantha Arby, More.

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Behind the Curtain: The Secret of Brian Skelly and the Whale
Following the new Disney + documentary watch along Whale secret,Continue National Geographic Photographer Brian Skerry delves into the hidden culture of whales (haha) and looks inside Skerry’s new book of the same name. Nat GeoThe May issue of is all about the ocean.

Earth Day event with a tree friend!
A day of live virtual events such as a tree walk, a talk on climate change, and a Q & A on fair growth of the urban canopy with Dr. Vivek Shandas of the PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions by posting on the Friends of Trees Facebook page. Please refer to the.

KBOO’s Special Earth Day: Thin Green Line
Although northwestern environmentalists have not won all battles, our region has an impressive track record of resisting becoming a fossil fuel export hub. Celebrate the victory of these “thin green lines” and learn how you won in this panel with local activists.

Reading and talking

Patrick Raden Keef in a conversation with Lydia Polgreen
One of the wealthiest families in the world, known for their philanthropic support for art and science, built a fortune in barium (and millions of people) before Oxycontin stormed and smashed its reputation. I’m crazy about prescription narcotics, but that’s a different story). New Yorker Staff writer Patrick Radden Kief’s Empire of pain Track the three generations of the Sackler family and follow their downfall.



Evil Dead II: Live commentary from Bruce Campbell
Watch Ash, the first and only survivor, alongside the beloved B-movie icon Bruce Campbell evil Dead Pay in installments, return to the cursed hut in the woods and unleash the power of the dead again. The VIP Extreme option for autographed event posts and the two-minute virtual chat with Bruce (in addition to the VOD and livestream links) could spawn real horror heads.


Levitation session: FUZZ
Charles Musert, Ty Segall, Chad Ubovic “[scorch] Fuzz’s “Pure Primitive Rocky Earth”, a new group spanning their fledgling discography, lives from Zebulun, Los Angeles on this pre-recorded set.

Parker Quartet: Ingenious and Inspired
The Grammy-winning Parker Quartet uses his imagination to compose 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, including Beethoven. High Rigger Dankesan String quartet.

Spring Promise: Virtual Concert
Take your headphones for a spring walk, perform these pre-recorded choirs and solos from the Portland singer’s choral art ensemble, and new from the Portland-based Haitian-American composer Sydney Guillaume Please enjoy the work.


Vertical city
Listen to a new audio drama (Future Dianable Bano Character Study) played by a student at the Portland sophomore conservatory built to survive the effects of climate change.

Visual art

Creative Exchange Lab: Meet Artists
PICA’s prestigious Creative Exchange Lab invites emerging and well-established artists to share their latest work and engage in peer-to-peer dialogue. Don’t miss the chance to meet artists from this year’s program, including Javaad Alipoor, Reese Bowes, Fernanda D’Agostino and Sorour Darabi.



Rachel Barton Pine
Listen to internationally acclaimed violinist Rachel Barton Pine playing live with virtual Friends of Chamber Music for free instead of a canceled IRL concert.


Quarantined Soliloquy Vii: Shot in Arms
A team of playwrights, actors and directors will create, rehearse and run a new monologue that will be streamed live on Bag & Baggage’s Facebook and YouTube pages.



Your old movie quiz
Organized by the Hollywood Theater, this online trivia quiz night focuses on pre-1960s movies.



Elastic Time: Richard Linklater Master Class
As the pandemic continues to distort our personal and collective sense of time, it’s the perfect time to delve into the work of Gen-X director Richard Linklater, a theme that is always worth investigating over time. is.In the final installment of this three-week MovieMadness Masterclass, the director will be involved in analyzing the Julie Delpy / Ethan Hawke classics. Before sunset..

Reading and talking

Evening with Helene Wyeth
To celebrate the ratification of Article 19 of the Constitutional Amendment after the 100th anniversary, this online talk, Women’s Time: A Great Battle to Win the Vote..

Consider this with Astra Taylor
Continuing the series on democracy and civic participation, Oregon Humanities calls on Canadian-born filmmaker Astra Taylor to disassemble her documentary. What is democracy? And her book Democracy may not exist, but when it is gone we miss it.

Jacqueline Keeler
Join Jacqueline Keeler to read her new book, Standoffs: Standing Rock, Bandy Movement, American Story of Sacred Land..She will join Bob Salinger, Director of Conservation, Portland Audubon Society.

Jonny Sun in conversation with Samantha Arby
If you love Jonny Sun Everyone is an alienA very entertaining and heartfelt illustrated story about a lonely alien sent to observe the Earth, definitely goes along to hear him talk about essays, poetry, and a new collection of Iro. , Goodbye againIt covers everything from mental health to affiliation.Sun will be joined by cheerful essayist Samantha Irby (author) We never meet in real life And Wow, thank you..


Reading and talking

John Grisham: Thule
John Grisham, wearing a hat on a legal thriller, apparently takes him to another kind of court, his first basketball novel. ThuleFollows a South Sudanese teen who travels to the United States to pursue Hoop’s dreams, just as the civil war is rampant throughout his home country. Grisham is a thriller writer, JT Ellison ( Her dark lie.

Multiple days


home Sweet Home
Bid for environmentally friendly prizes such as a two-night stay at Alpaca Farm, a gift basket of wine and beer, and handmade pottery after downloading family-friendly activities centered around the bird’s nest. All proceeds will be used to support Ecology Outdoors’ impartial ecology education and climate change program for Oregon students.


Beast Beast
The portrait of teenage writer and director Danny Madden in the southern town intersects with the story of the three Zoomers. Nito, a skater with little support from his lazy dad. And a recent high school graduate, Adam, is obsessed with guns and his fledgling targeted shooting YouTube channel. Although they come from different backgrounds, each character shares a desire to be seen and accepted in an marginalized world. Do Finally, as the trio plans for viral fame on social media, the tone changes from introspective to chaotic.

Great green wall
Famous Mali singer Innamoja presents this music-driven documentary on the Great Green Wall project in Africa, advocating a 8,000 km green belt that is three times the size of the Great Barrier Reef. This limited screening will be held by the Hollywood Theater and the Portland Eco Film Festival.

2021 SPLIFF Film Festival
As the day when everyone likes to smoke cannabis approaches, it’s time for another article on a short cannabis-themed movie for Stoner, just like you, and made by Stoner! Watching the screening itself is a good old era, but Saturday’s live (streaming) viewing party is even more pleasing. people who do not knowChase Burns and Jasmine Kaimigu conclude the fest.
(Friday Saturday)


Fear No Music Headliner Concert
Violinist Ines Vogler-Belgium, cellist Nancy Ives, percussionist Michael Roberts, and BRAVO musician!Youth Orchestra runs an eclectic program of Jesse Montgomery Rhapsody No. 1 For solo violin, of Marcos Balter download For solo percussion, Daniel Bernard Rumain’s selection Hip-hop research and etude, More.


Last 5 years
Jason Robert Brown’s musical love story with music and lyrics by Tony Award-winning Jason Robert Brown. Pre-recorded on the Broadway Rose stage. Last 5 years A non-linear story about a short marriage between two artists.

Mary Kathryn Nagle’s 2018 play dates back to the first Native American tribes whose land was stolen by European colonists, using the story of the Lenape people to injustice the creation of the country and the continuation of indigenous peoples. Consider the treatment.

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