The Biden administration does not allow states to cancel standardized tests, but allows delays

The Biden administration announced on Monday that the state’s education sector would have the flexibility to surround this year’s standardized exams, but would not have broad authority to cancel those exams.

The long-awaited policy decision is a reversal from the Trump administration, which allowed the district to cancel standardized tests last year as the pandemic prompted a widespread transition to distance learning.

This year, the Ministry of Education said, “I will not invite you.[e] A total abandonment of the evaluation. ” 3 page letter Sent to the state superintendent of education. Instead, the department offers standardized test changes and alternatives each year, such as pushing exams until summer or fall, managing tests remotely, and providing shortened versions.

“There is an urgent need to understand the impact of COVID-19 on learning,” Rosenblum said in a letter. “But we know that some schools and school districts may face situations this spring where standard practices cannot be used to safely carry out a state-wide comprehensive assessment.”

Post-pandemic standardized testing has become a hot button issue among educators. Many advocates argue that it is essential to understand how distance learning has affected student performance, while other groups, including the country’s largest teachers union, are in a pandemic context. It is said that conducting the exam in Japan puts an excessive burden on students and faculty members.

according to New survey According to the National PTA, about half of parents support a standardized test this spring to “measure the impact of a pandemic on student learning.” About a quarter disagreed and the rest were neutral or uncertain. According to the survey, support for testing increased to 57% among Hispanic families.

The teachers’ union was not very supportive.In a statement, Randy Weingarten, President American Teachers’ FederationThe plan of the Biden administration, the second largest union of teachers, said it “misses a great opportunity to really help students” and instead “can be used by educators and parents as a baseline for this summer and their next job.” Proposed a genuine evaluation developed locally “year. “

In a statement to CBS News, Becky Pringle, chairman of the National Education Association, the largest education union in the United States, encouraged the state to “submit a request to suspend the ranking of high stakes schools.” I asked the Ministry of Education for permission. “A coordinated assessment that can help students determine where they are and design an educational experience that fully supports their academic, social and emotional needs.”

The Biden administration does not allow states to cancel standardized tests, but allows delays

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