The big impact of small changes

Maybe you won’t be surprised at those numbers. I was. These show that we believe that behavioral changes due to new technologies are much more common than they really are. why? I provide two possible explanations.

First, people (and journalists) tend to pay more attention to new and novel things. That may be especially true if behavioral changes are occurring in relatively wealthy people. The majority of American workers continued to work directly during the pandemic, but at some point about half of the professional workers were away from the office due to the coronavirus. It was.

Also, Peloton, a $ 2,500 exercise bike manufacturer for streaming fitness classes, has about 2.1 million bikes. client I’m paying to use an exercise bike or treadmill. For comparison, about 3.5 million households in the United States have recently kept birds as pets. Veterinary industry association.. Protons may not be as popular as parakeets, but they are much more noticeable.

This doesn’t mean that Peloton isn’t a problem, that remote work isn’t worth the attention, or that Netflix isn’t a big deal. Today’s novelties can be the norm for tomorrow.

It gives me a second explanation, the relatively small but rapid changes in individual actions that are repeated millions or billions of times can confuse everything around us.

I have previously with a number of our habits Functions of almost all companies And city Has become Significantly changed by Amazon and online shopping, It’s still just a small part of what we buy. Same as Uber and Lyft.Both companies make up a small mile in the United States, but their vehicles Significant contributor to traffic The treatment of courier helped to encourage a rethinking of the meaning of work in the United States. And Europe..

In the article New York Economic Recovery from PandemicMy colleague said that if one in ten office workers in Manhattan stopped coming most of the time, “more than 100,000 people a day wouldn’t receive coffee or bagels on their way to work or drink later. . “

You can imagine that it could have a negative impact on Times Square bar sales. And if people exchange after-office drinks for after-zoom drinks, they may help a bar in the suburbs.A little more remote work It can also significantly change roads and transportation systems It is designed around the peak of office workers’ commute time.

Digital Butterfly effect Countless small changes can be unpredictable and non-uniform. People, businesses, and policy makers need to understand how to deal with the big differences that can result from small changes.

This week’s tips

Second-hand purchases are often milder in our wallets and on the planet. Brian X. ChenThe New York Times Consumer Technology Columnist recommends which electronic components and accessories are savvy and second-hand, and which are worthless.

Computer memory: Purchased. Also called random access memory, or RAM, these are Improve your computer speed It will last indefinitely unless the previous owner scraped them off with a screwdriver. We recommend that you carefully examine the product photos.

Battery: Avoid. In general, we recommend that you do not buy used batteries for your gadgets. Batteries are intended for limited use and are recommended to be purchased new.

Screen: Avoid from time to time. The screen of an electronic device wears and becomes less bright over time.They can also spoil the appearance of: “Burn in” And dead spot. You may find great deals on second-hand TVs that aren’t too old and have good image quality, but it’s wise to consider buying from someone you trust.

Add-on accessories: Mostly purchased. Peripherals such as computer mice and keyboards are fairly reliable. It is still ideal to test them directly to ensure that all buttons and keys work properly. Pass accessories with non-replaceable rechargeable batteries. And earphones are a difficult pass. Do you really want to wear someone’s used earphones?

Charging cable: Purchase. As long as the cable isn’t frayed and the connector is in good condition, it’s okay to buy a previously owned charging cable.Since then, don’t spend more than a few dollars per one New charging cable It tends to be cheaper.

The big impact of small changes

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