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The ‘Big Lie’ remains a big part of Missouri U.S. Senate race – Kansas City, Missouri

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Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. // Courtesy of Missouri Attorney General’s Office

In seconds Web advertising to support Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s U.S. Senate bid, footage of former President Donald Trump claiming stolen elections is juxtaposed with a headline promoting Schmidt’s role in a lawsuit disagreeing with the 2020 results. I am.

Auditing, which lost most of Arizona’s presidential election, has become an important part of the Senate campaign for Eric Greatens, along with the former governor. Travel nationwide to witness it Celebrate approval with Congressman, one of the biggest cheerleaders..

US lawmakers Billy Long and Vicky Hartzler have both sought the approval of Senator GOP and joined most Republicans in January. Vote against demonstrating the victory of Biden’s electoral college..

And 3 days later Protrump mob attacks US Capitol and suspends its certification vote, The Senate’s hopeful Mark McCloskey tweeted. “There is no doubt that the election was the result of a large-scale fraud. There is no doubt that Donald Trump has won a legitimate vote… “

“Big lie” is alive and well in Missouri politics.

Loyalty to Trump’s untrustworthy allegiance in stolen elections has become a Lithomas test for Republican candidates across the country. In Missouri, which overwhelmingly voted for Trump twice, the lack of evidence of widespread fraudulent voting rarely discouraged its loyalty to lies.

Its dynamics are Election authorities were forced to fend off barbaric plots at legislative hearings To Congressional candidates who refuse to say whether Biden legally won..

But nothing is more obvious than the Republican primary of the retired seat of US Senator Roy Blunt. There, the idea of ​​Trump support is primarily seen as a golden ticket for those who get it.

“”Candidates must at least appear to believe in a real-life version of Trump in order to win the Republican base to vote in the primary and hopefully take Trump’s support along the way, “said Fulton’s University of Westminster. ..

Luke Campbell, an assistant professor of political science at Northwest Missouri State University, said perpetuating the “big lie” may be of short-term value to GOP candidates. But in the long run, it will further undermine voters’ confidence in the democratic system.

“It certainly has the effect of damaging our election process in the future,” Campbell said.

Arizona Audit

Of all the candidates running or thinking of running for a vacant seat in the Missouri Senate, no one has accepted a “big lie” like Greitens.

On January 6, inspired by the idea that the 2020 elections were stolen, Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol, which decided to suspend proof of victory for Biden’s electoral college.

The next day, Greitens appeared on right-wing television and attempted an electoral fraud plot. Advance the idea that violence was actually carried out by Antifa..

His enthusiasm for “big lie” continued for the next few months and culminated in June. Duck out from attending Missouri Republican rally this year Travel 1200 miles away to witness an election audit in Arizona.

For falsical exercise Examine the ballot for traces of bamboo Determine if they were imported from Asia, Allegedly scan them with a UV light Find the secret watermark.

Democratic and Republican critics, including the GOP-run county oversight committee and Republicans who are the county’s chief election officer, said this was a dangerous exploitation of dissatisfaction that fueled the January 6 riots. I rejected the effort.

Recently, Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers Visited Missouri to support the Greatens And he advertised his support for the audit.

“When I’m talking to conservatives, and when talking to patriots, the first question I’m asked is,’Is my vote important?'” Greitens said in a television appearance earlier this month. I said in the meantime. “They want to know that there are patriots fighting to find out the truth about what happened on November 3, 2020.”

Gritens resigned from the governor’s office in 2018 Avoid impeachment by Republican-led legislatures And as Part of a transaction to resolve a felony..

‘War game’

Schmidt was one of a handful of Republican Attorney Generals. Unsuccessful court battle Capsizing puts Biden in a winning battlefield. The Supreme Court eventually rejected their efforts.

Republican lawyer when it was later revealed that he was involved in Robocall, which encouraged “patriots” to participate in the January 6 march, which ended with a violent attack on the Capitol. He has gathered criticism about his role as Vice-Chair of the General Association (RAGA).

Schmidt denied that Robocall’s knowledge, or the Rule of Law Defense Fund, the 501 (c) (4) division of RAGA, helped fund and organize the march.We also held a group A special “wargame” meeting a few weeks before the election Discuss strategies in case Trump loses.

“… We march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop stealing.” Robocall said.. “We want patriots like you to join us to keep fighting for the integrity of our elections.”

An email between the Rule of Law Defense Fund and one of Schmidt’s top aides, Solicitor John Sauer, was revealed in February through a public record request submitted. Lawyers Elado Gross and Mark Pedroli..

Unlike Greatens, Schmidt does not openly forge stolen election plots. Instead, his rhetoric is usually based on the idea of ​​election integrity.

However, the Super PAC, which supports Schmidt called Save Missouri Value, is a video of Trump claiming that Schmidt “this election was fraudulent” and the presidential election in Pennsylvania.

In a CNN poll released last week, 63% of all respondents Biden correctly believed that he had legally won in 2020.. Only 21% of Republican respondents believed it, compared to 97% of Democrats and 64% of independents.

Candidates will benefit politically from forging uncovered conspiracy theories, Holzer said, showing how Missouri politics has become “more and more defined by division.” ..

“‘Big lie’ runs the risk of further polarization the election process,” Holzer said.

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The ‘Big Lie’ remains a big part of Missouri U.S. Senate race Source link The ‘Big Lie’ remains a big part of Missouri U.S. Senate race

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