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The Big Mad: ‘Die-Hard’ Blues Fans, Road Diets and a McCloskey Reckoning – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-09-22 11:10:00 –

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  • If you were there for this, maybe don’t turn on the team over the vaccine mission.

Welcome to Big Mad, RFTWeekly summary of the wrath of justice! Because we know your time is short and your anger is hot:

Street Dreams: Recently, when I drove on Hampton Avenue between Chippewa Street and Gravoyce Avenue, I immediately noticed a change in atmosphere. Not only is it a hotspot for outdoor dining, but the road traffic over there is colder than anywhere else in the southern city. That section of Hampton recently received a “road diet”. The streets were torn and replaced, and the lines were redrawn with one lane in each direction, a two-way central turn lane and wide parking lanes on either side. Use this to avoid confusion for runners and cyclists. This change has completely changed the driving experience in that section and is now a great, almost relaxing experience. God, this makes us angry. Why on earth do we not do this on all the other streets of the city? Destined for constant lane switching while driving on cramped streets, you need to use a combination of instinct, prayer, and pure resilience to reach Ted Drews in search of the terrible Cardinal Singh’s concrete. Why is there? Let’s go on a diet on the streets of St. Louis. You are much overweight.

Defensive macro skiing: The State Supreme Court may suspend the legal licenses of Mark and Patricia Macroskies. A college city graduate named Alan Pratzell, the state’s chief disciplinary adviser, finally faces an impact due to an unrepentant reaction of a couple of St. Louis guns wielding firearms to peaceful protesters. Was recommended. McCloskeys certainly spins the possible consequences into the complete production of a fake victim’s theater, but that’s not an annoying part. The resentment is that Pratzell, perhaps unheard of, is the only state-wide official who is willing to hold them accountable for unquestionably dangerous behavior. He has no influence from Donald Trump, who welcomed Macroski as a hero, or Governor Mike Parson, who lined up and promised amnesty before the couple was charged. The man didn’t even send a press release or hit the talk show circuit on the grandstand. It’s annoying that Pratzell just works and looks like a return to a less crazy era.

Ice cream break: We are fed up with the ice cream manufacturing industry. A few weeks ago we had to deal with the barbaric creation of the Bacon Vanilla monster in Lions Choice and Crown Candy Kitchen. This week, Ben & Jerry’s announced a new ice cream in support of Congressman Cori Bush’s public security bill. Ben & Jerry’s Change Is Brewing Flavor supports the Black Lives Movement and the Bush people’s response organization. But we are not crazy about cold brewing, brownies and marshmallows. I’m angry that I can’t eat right away. This actually sounds like a slice of heavenly coffee, and brownie lovers can lag behind as well. Seriously, how about this? !! Are you planning to announce this on Monday morning? You need to stop doing what we do and find the nearest ice cream dealer. Then you need to hurry to the grocery store and get at least two cartons. You also need to find a good movie to watch while consuming a lot of ice cream. Ben, Jerry and Bush, I have a lot of questions. Didn’t you wait until the weekend? It takes 1 minute to process all the deliciousness consumed throughout the week.

“Die Hard” fan: Last week, St. Louis Bruce made a wise choice to require fans to participate in the game by presenting evidence of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test. After a year and a half of dealing with a pandemic, I think it would be welcome to make a common-sense decision aimed at digging us out of the viral life cycle. Well, if you didn’t live in one of the stupidest times in history, I think it’s a time when the ruthless minority continues to fight the solution and those who propose it. prize. So, as expected, Bruce was accused of being a “fan” (healthy) who vowed to stay home, claiming that the team was embracing tyranny (right), and generally claiming that they loved the organization. I want a disaster (a liar). It is this kind of reaction that has caused businesses, elected officials, and everyday people to weigh what is right for the poisons it causes. Bruce eventually fell to the only side of the organization, but the attack by the team’s supposed supporters bravely thought that the decision should be easy. Maybe all these “enthusiastic” fans should consider getting vaccinated to mean what the term is.

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The Big Mad: ‘Die-Hard’ Blues Fans, Road Diets and a McCloskey Reckoning Source link The Big Mad: ‘Die-Hard’ Blues Fans, Road Diets and a McCloskey Reckoning

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