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The Big Mad: Spire in the Hot Seat, Parson Punked and the Fretting of the Fringe – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-12-07 15:56:00 –

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  • Faisal Khan, director of health at St. Louis County, said a few words to the crowd that surrounded the recent county council meeting.

Welcome to Big Mad, RFTWeekly summary of the wrath of righteousness! Because we know your time is short and your anger is hot:

Pipeline PR: A December 3 ruling from federal regulators will keep natural gas flowing through Spire’s St. Louis pipeline this winter. Will-they-or-not-a month-long campaign of their horror — St. Louis freezes! Except otherwise! But maybe! — Ends with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Everyone (including Spire) does exactly what they expected.. Also expected: Spire immediately pivots to the defense of the pipeline itself, its construction is retroactively considered illegal, and its fate remains intertwined in federal court. When the commission delivered good news for a temporary license this winter, Spire boosted the news to customers by email, and the pipeline was “hundreds of millions of dollars” during the February winter storm. I casually added the claim that I saved. But … it wasn’t what the Missouri Public Services Commission found in an August survey, and concluded that without a pipeline during the storm, Spire’s customers could actually save more money. This is another example of Spire playing a PR game with a customer while providing a calculated legal defense of the pipeline. After winter is over, the game just seems to get hotter.

Call me St. Louis. When Olivia Rodrigo announced the tour dates on Monday, the Disney Channel star turned into the voice of a generation of singer-songwriters, listing the April 20 stop in town in Chesterfield, Missouri. bottom. This is technically true. She is playing the factory. However, when Roots performed at the same venue, they listed the tour date as “St. Louis, Missouri” and also posted the Greensky Bluegrass on their website. In our opinion, that’s the right call. The Cowboys play in Arlington and the Braves stadium is in Cumberland, but they’re still called Dallas and Atlanta, respectively. Splitting the hair of a municipality does nothing to help divide the subdivided situation within the county or the city itself. However, Rodrigo may be familiar with St. Louis’s 1876 “great divorce” and the long history of regional dysfunction since then. Rodrigo’s breakout hit was a song called a “driver’s license” about driving a suburban lover.We haven’t actually looked it up, but maybe she that’s all Next to the Polo Outlet Store, cross the highway from Olive Garden to regenerate the venue.

Person, punk: One of the strangest things about Governor Mike Parson is that he seems to want to puncture. Last week was a pretty good example, so here’s a quick summary: St. Louis Post Dispatch Following up on Person’s false allegations that one of the reporters was a “hacker,” he found even more embarrassing evidence of the governor’s incompetence.Emails from person staff State officials were all ready to thank reporters For giving time to discover and fix potentially catastrophic flaws in the state’s educational website when the Person administration intervened to turn praise into an attack. Persons were ridiculed by audiences across the country for equating basic Internet capabilities with criminal purposes. And last week’s story revealed how hard his team worked on strategies to backfire and make him look even smaller. And that wasn’t even the hardest story of the week. This is the result of a detailed report by the Missouri Independence and Documentation COVID-19 Project, and state-specific analysis has shown that cities and counties that are obliged to mask have been found. Had an apparently low COVID-19 mortality rate.. The person’s manager, who opposed the mandate, said he had the inconvenient information in his pocket.The person was so angry that he was called, so he continued. 12 Tweet Tantram It only succeeded in promoting his goal, Missouri Independent Deputy Editor Rudy Keller, to confuse and make the person look angry. In that way, the story revealed the truth more than expected.

Choose a lane: It’s hard to track the anger from recent St. Louis County Council meeting attendees. One day, they insult the council about Mask’s obligations. next, They are angry that Faisal Khan, director of health, calls them “crazy fringes.” By email to his naturally tired employee.Yes, so-called fringe members Called for Khan’s work using the November 30 meeting Because he was mean to them. Council Woman and County Executive Sam Page because people who are dissatisfied with the name name go to meetings every Tuesday night and don’t like to wear masks, not to improve the community. Call the name of. Is it “fucking your feelings” or do we need to care about what we say about others? Is the person who calls a person who insults another person a “snowflake” a citizen? Hypocrisy is astounding.

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The Big Mad: Spire in the Hot Seat, Parson Punked and the Fretting of the Fringe Source link The Big Mad: Spire in the Hot Seat, Parson Punked and the Fretting of the Fringe

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