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The Big Mad: Unreal Meal Deals, Vulture Capitalists and a Miscarriage of Missouri Justice – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-11-30 17:01:00 –

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  • If Alden Global Capital implements its plans to acquire Lee Enterprise, it will have a devastating impact on the St. Louis news industry.

Welcome to Big Mad, RFTWeekly summary of the wrath of justice! Because we know your time is short and your anger is hot:

I don’t know much: Anyone who is worried that the citizens around these parts have too much information should be pleased with its hedge fund, Alden Global Capital. Evil by hedge fund standards, Declared Intention to acquire Lee Enterprise, Parent company St. Louis Post Dispatch..Owned by Alden if the past is a prologue After shipping The internal organs are removed and sold as parts.Castrated After shipping It will be a benefit for the kind of corruption, concessions and concealments that this city already has a lot.One last week After shipping Reporter Said RFT, “It’s like a grim reaper appearing on the door of your city.” Lee Enterprises publishes more than 70 daily newspapers in more than 25 states. In fact, from Culpeper, Virginia to Wahoo, Nebraska, there are dozens of harsh reapers knocking on the doors of cities and towns. To Napa, California. At least in St. Louis, we’re not alone. Certainly cold comfort.

Lies TikTok Told Us: The setup was plausible enough. November 15th, TikTok star Kyle Scheele in the Springfield area Released a video He and his friends recorded a “reverse robbery” that designed and smuggled a huge cardboard notch, featured himself, and promoted the non-existent “Kyle Scheelemir” to the Kum & Go gas station chain. But then! Kum & Go really liked what they were doing and actually served the meal — 12 ounces of Red Bull and a pizza sandwich — accepting a seemingly organic viral moment.But it wasn’t: after receiving the fluffy article Springfield News-Leader When USA Today, Adweek Revealed a more complex origin On Monday, a possible virus prank, including involvement in Kum & Go’s marketing department planning its deployment, Schelere apologized to his 3.1 million followers, saying, “Looking back, I’m frank. I should have told you about it. ” It’s understandable why many ex-fans don’t take Cher’s regrets at face value. Play with the truth, build “real” moments, hide adjustments and financial investments. These are dangerous components, especially in an era when truth exists on the Internet. attack. It also looks really bad for reporters and newspapers who are willing to take a little bit and turn it into news. Scheele has a lot of influencer charisma, but here he’s just a bad actor — and we already have enough of them.

Her honor, the shame of St. Louis: On November 30, Josephine Baker, a phenomenon born in St. Louis, became the first black woman to receive the highest honor in France. Introduced in the Pantheon, France.. Baker’s life straddled the roles of entertainer, beauty icon, WWII spy, and civil rights activist, but even if the world praises her, she’s trying to find a new home in Europe. It is important to remember the obvious racism that has driven it.Includes Baker’s childhood The murderous horror of the 1917 East St. Louis riotAnd when she returned to St. Louis in 1952, She refused to play in protest against a racially isolated audience: “I ran away from my house. I ran away from St. Louis,” she explained in a speech during her visit. “Because of the fear of discrimination, the terrifying beast paralyzes his soul and body.” Even now, generations later, St. Louis overcomes its legacy of discrimination and becomes a city that Baker is proud of. I am struggling for.

It’s just us: It’s rare for this particular column to be filled with rage, so don’t get in the way. Kevin Strickland released from prison!! A conviction from Kansas City said Strickland was innocent and “should not be detained for a day” from a Jackson County prosecutor last week after spending about 43 years in prison for a crime he had not committed. Was overturned by Judge James Welsh, who was persuaded. It’s longer. “That’s certainly good news, but Strickland Not eligible for compensation from Missouri, This will only be paid if the prisoner is exonerated by DNA evidence. Nor is there any sympathy from the state’s supreme leader. Despite an urgent plea from the prosecutor, both Governor Mike Parson and Attorney General Eric Schmidt have refused to act in the Strickland proceedings in the past. Nothing is left for Strickland — and, according to his own explanation, Probably live in a cardboard box under the bridge — Not because of the generosity of the masses who have raised over $ 1.6 million Through GoFundMe on his behalf.. That’s great, but those donors aren’t responsible for spending more than 40 years of his life. Where is justice?

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The Big Mad: Unreal Meal Deals, Vulture Capitalists and a Miscarriage of Missouri Justice Source link The Big Mad: Unreal Meal Deals, Vulture Capitalists and a Miscarriage of Missouri Justice

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