The bride dies at COVID a few days after the scheduled wedding day – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-09-22 13:43:21 –

A family of women in Kentucky fell in love after dying on COVID-19 just days after their wedding was due.

Samantha Wendell, 29, has been looking forward to her wedding for about two years. She and her fiancé, Austin Escue, were engaged in 2019 and planned a wedding on August 21st. NBC News..

Wendell and Escue initially postponed vaccination with COVID-19. Louisville Courier Journal.. The couple wanted to have a family soon after they got married. Wendell’s colleague warned her that the vaccine would cause infertility. This is an unfounded claim that the health sector around the world has been exposed.

However, as the delta variant began to spread throughout the summer, the couple changed their minds about vaccination. The two promised to get their shots by the end of July.

Wendell began to feel sick before they were vaccinated. After returning from his last bachelorette party in Nashville, Escue said he had a terrible cough. The two soon tested positive for COVID-19, delaying vaccine reservations.

However, Wendell’s condition continued to deteriorate while Escue recovered from the virus at home. She was taken to the hospital and put on a ventilator on August 16th, five days before her wedding, NBC News reports.

Wendell’s mother, Jeannine, said her daughter requested a vaccine before putting on a ventilator.

“Obviously, it didn’t help at that point,” she told NBC News. “The only easy way to get around this is to weigh heavily on my heart.”

The doctor had a hard time stabilizing Wendell, and she never regained her ability to breathe on her own. Wendell died on September 10 after the family decided to stop her life support.

“Incorrect information killed her,” Wendell’s cousin Maria Bivander Hayes told NBC News. “If we can save more lives and the lives of our families, this is the gift she left to deliver to us.”

Wendell’s mother told NBC that her daughter was to be married in the same Illinois church where she and her husband were married. Instead, the church hosted Wendell’s funeral about a month after the scheduled wedding date.

“We are very sad. We didn’t have to end it this way,” Hayes wrote. COVID-19 Facebook Group for Survivors Early this month.

The CDC currently recommends the COVID-19 vaccine for everyone over the age of 12, including those who are pregnant or willing to become pregnant in the future. The CDC also recommends vaccines to partners in people who are about to become pregnant.

“Currently, there is no evidence that vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine, cause childbirth problems (problems of trying to get pregnant) in women or men.” CDC says..

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