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Like many who participate in comedy, Artbell used laughter to distract bullies in the playground, disarmament demobilized teachers, and was accepted by cool kids. Unlike most people, he arrived at the office on the corner of Comedy Central, not behind Mike. A 24-hour comedy channel? The concept was his.

Bell tells a story in his latest book, Constant comedy.. Fortunately, it’s better than many entertainment industry memoirs. Prose has snaps, Constant comedy Not as much as Robert Ludlum’s page-turning, it moves forward at a favorable pace. Written timing is everything, like a comedy.Self-deprecation Constant comedy With a plausible truck. Bell does not call himself a genius. In fact, he admits he didn’t know what he was crazy about.

While he was playing on the college stage, Bell majored in economics and came to HBO, the new company at the time, as a number juggler. No one asked him for his creative ideas, but after a while he started talking about them anyway. He had a strong sense of business and knew how Comedy Central would avoid licensing fees for all movies and TV clips that entertained viewers in between original content.

Then came the news that MTV (Bill’s model to some extent) plans to launch its own comedy channel, HA! (You may respond with “What?”). It was very difficult to beat them to the start line, let alone the finish line. And eight weeks after the release date, the Directors Guild of America withdrew permission to use the member’s clips (Bell heard Woody Allen inquired about the deal).

For casual readers unfamiliar with how to run a creative business Constant comedy It provides interesting insights into the industry’s collaboration process. Bell had his idea — and then what? He couldn’t design the logo well on his own, recruited all the talents, and couldn’t pour hundreds of hours of television and movie footage for the most entertaining clips.

Bell helped me. And the rest is history.

David Rulesen

David Luhrssen spoke at UWM and MIAD. He is the author of the Vietnam War movie, the Classic Rock Encyclopedia, the Hummer of Gods: The Thule Society and the Birth of Nazism.

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December 21, 2020

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