The Capitol Police had one mission. Power is at stake now.

The responsibilities of the Capitol Police are very different from those of a regular police station. This unit protects the Capitol grounds, parliamentarians and staff and screens millions of visitors annually. Officers are expected to recognize 535 members and not offend them.

The delicacy of that mission was fully demonstrated in 1983. A House investigation revealed that Parliamentary police failed the drug investigation by creating an “impression that the investigation may have ended to protect members.” , Members were not involved.

Before the police scene, which aired on television last week, was attacked and increased in number, the work of police in the Capitol was considered relatively safe and authoritative. Wages start at $ 64,000, higher than the rest of the Washington metropolitan area, and this job provides a close-up view of senior officials and heads of state. Police officers may be arrested for minor crimes, such as smoking marijuana, outside Union Station, according to reports from surveillance groups complaining of “mission creep.”

“In principle, you are not robbing, murdering, robbing, or chaotic,” said Terry Gainer, who had a long career at another police station, as chief before joining the Senate police. After that, as the chief guard of the Senate.

For decades, providing security to the “People’s House” meant facing criticism that it was too annoying, or just as often, too loose.

According to former officials, the department is overseen by a committee that includes the guards of each chamber of commerce and needs to answer the majority of each, often taking politics into account. One-sided behavior.

“When things start to progress in an emergency, I want the chief empowered by the guards to do what is needed in an emergency without playing’Mother, I’,” Gainer said. Said. “Sometimes I had to prepare for forgiveness instead of permission.”

The Capitol Police had one mission. Power is at stake now.

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