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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made waves when it announced that vaccinated people could take off their masks. But some groups of people don’t want to do that. For children, the vaccine has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Only Pfizer shots are allowed for children up to 12 years old. Therefore, adults may celebrate returning to normal life, but require children to adhere to all the rules of a pandemic life.

They graduated from school or were forced to take special precautions there, isolated from friends, deprived of many sports and other activities, and able to withstand masking and social distance outside. In addition, the difficulties faced by the family from the financial turmoil caused by the pandemic.

And they did it all to protect the elderly. Mortality from COVID-19 is 3,200 times higher in the elderly than in children. For children, the disease is comparable to the flu.

All adults are vaccinated and inoculated in most places for at least a month, so don’t ask your child to sacrifice to protect the elderly.

This starts with having the children remove their masks, at least outside. There is long-standing evidence that outdoor infections are very unlikely. Vaccines are also very effective in preventing hospitalization and death, which can infect vaccinated grandmas while children are playing on the beach, biking or playing in summer camps. Gender is astronomically low. And, as some doctors are beginning to admit, keeping children away from friends, masking them, or putting them indoors is damaging their physical and emotional health.

Also, schools should not force children to vaccinate as a way to boost immunity for the benefit of adults. It is better now to have many unvaccinated adults get their shots to protect their children.

The only reason children should be vaccinated is to improve their health. If the COVID vaccine proves to be very safe and effective, we may do so. Clinical trials in children do not provide much data on whether vaccines prevent serious illness or death. Such cases are extremely rare in the first place. Even the highly feared multisystem inflammatory syndrome of COVID has proven to be extremely rare.

Some epidemiologists have pointed out that children will be vaccinated against the flu with similar deaths, but the important difference is that flu shots are voluntary. If children do not catch them, we will not hold them hostage.

Studies show that a high percentage of parents are worried about the safety of the vaccine and will delay COVID-19 vaccination, so continuing restrictions on unvaccinated children can be disastrous for them. It may last for several months.

A better way to protect children is for adults to step up and vaccinate. That’s right — After asking children to make sacrifices to save their lives for 15 months, it’s time for older Americans to play their part for them.

This approach has proven to work in Israel, where more than 60% of adults have been vaccinated during a large wave of illness. Soon, cases decreased by 99% in all age groups. Children under the age of 16 are not vaccinated, but because the virus is rarely available, they are very unlikely to get infected, and if they do, they are unlikely to become seriously ill.

The data suggest that if many adults are vaccinated here in the United States, children are unlikely to provide a “reservoir” of the virus that can prolong the pandemic. It was even more worrisome when scientists thought the vaccine might only prevent symptomatological illnesses — now it is known that the vaccine also dramatically reduces the chance of infection.

There are still several reasons for concerns surrounding a small number of adults with weakened immunity who do not respond to the vaccine — doctors can test by measuring antibodies. Vaccines work for many immunocompromised people, but if they do not, it may make sense to vaccinate children who are in contact with them.

Some people argue that the situation does not meet the FDA’s criteria for granting an emergency use authorization, as the illness itself is not an emergency for the child. This is a rather annoying question, whether the vaccine is needed at school or whether it allows you to play with the mask off as you would in adults today. It is also important to remember that high adult vaccination rates reduce the amount of virus circulating and reduce the risk for everyone.

Three doctors writing in the Atlantic have recently proposed delaying childhood COVID vaccines and sending their doses to India. This is another reason to make childhood vaccination optional. Releasing the dose in the United States is very likely to save most lives.

The only restrictions on children must be those that protect them — and there should be at least some evidence that such restrictions would help.

In the name of protecting adults, children are already experiencing too much. Now let’s turn things around and let unvaccinated adults step up and help reduce the number of case letters further to protect their children.

Faye Flam is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist and host of the podcast “Follow the Science.” She has contributed to Economists, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Psychology Today, Science and other publications.

The CDC’s new mask rules leave kids out. Here’s how to fix that – Twin Cities Source link The CDC’s new mask rules leave kids out. Here’s how to fix that – Twin Cities

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