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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – The Office of the Attorney of Kansas wants residents to do their homework and be wary of fraudulent and malicious charities when attending giving Tuesdays and holiday seasons.

GivingTuesday is a day focused on donations to charities in Kansas and across the country. The annual event aims to help suitable organizations meet their pressing funding needs during the holiday season.

Give a hint

  • Ask for written information, such as how much of the money collected will actually be used for charitable purposes and how much will be in the hands of professional fundraiser.
  • Beware of telemarketers requesting donations. Telemarketers often hold a significant portion of their donations.
  • Do not pressure yourself to contribute or make a pledge.
  • Don’t feel obliged to send donations to charities that send token gifts such as key chains, greeting cards, mailing labels and more.
  • Make sure that the charity meets the needs you claim to actually provide the service.
  • Ask for your organization’s financial statements to determine who will benefit from your donation.

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How to tell if you are scammed

  • Lawyers will pressure you to give you money right away.
  • Lawyers refuse to provide basic information such as the name and address of a charity.
  • Your donation is related to contests that seem “too good and not true”, such as sweepstakes and raffles.
  • The lawyer wants to pay in cash or credit card information, but does not accept checks.
  • The lawyer will not let you mail the check directly, but instead send someone to receive it from you.

Do a survey before donating

  • Search for charities online via search engines. Check for complaints filed by other consumers.
  • Visit the charity website to read about the programs supported by the charity.
  • Contact your local Better Business Bureau to see if you have a charity complaint or search for a charity online. http://bbb.org/charity..
  • Move to https://www.ag.ks.gov/licensing/charities-registration Check if the charity is registered with the Kansas Office of the Attorney.
  • Find the link to the IRS990 form that reports expenses to see if it is associated with a professional fundraiser.

For more tips and charities, visit the following website: www.InYourCornerKansas.org/charities.. If you suspect a charitable fraud, fraud, or other hortative violation, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Department online or by phone at the aforementioned website. (800) 432-2310..

The charity scams you need to be wary of during Giving Tuesday Source link The charity scams you need to be wary of during Giving Tuesday

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