The cheapest truck in America in 2021

Last week we closed with a Buy / Drive / Burn entry that covers three. Cheapest sedan Available in the US this year. Almost everyone decided to buy the most expensive Hyundai Accent of the three.

Today’s trio is the cheapest truck on the market today, with plain paint, two trailing wheels, and Steely. Do you think you would choose to buy the most expensive truck in today’s trio? Let’s check.

Toyota Tacoma

Surprisingly, the Tacoma is the cheapest new truck you can buy in the United States. The six trims start with SR, end with TRD Pro, start at $ 26,250 and range over $ 44,000. In the short access cab format, it comes with a 2.7 liter 4-cylinder and 6-speed automatic suitable for 159 horsepower. Five colors are available free of charge, and all colors except white are metallic. All interiors are cement gray cloth, whether you like it or not.At Toyota, you have the following options cut Tacoma price. The Utility Package-only available in 4-cylinder access cab configurations-removes rear seats, seat belts, speakers, and intermittent wiper functionality. Black door handles, mirror caps and bumpers have been added to prevent the rear window from opening. After a shipping charge of $ 1,095, the super-striped Tacoma will demand $ 25,630.

Chevrolet Colorado

Colorado is a medium-priced truck that is here in its basic form. Colorado has four trims in an extended cab, long box outfit, ranging from $ 26,395 for the WT to $ 42,795 for the ZR2. In the WT trim, the base engine is a 2.5-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine that supports 200 horsepower and is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Only 3 colors are available at no additional charge, all in grayscale. The interior is jet black cloth or vinyl and is the buyer’s choice. The destination costs $ 1,195 and has a temporary incentive (details unknown) of $ 2,500, but we can’t include them today. The final request for Colorado is $ 26,395.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is the latest model in today’s trio, slightly ahead of Colorado in terms of pricing. The ranger has only three trims. XL starts at $ 24,820, XLT starts at $ 28,870, and lariat starts at $ 32,910. The XL SuperCab has a 6-foot cargo bed and uses the same 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine (270 hp) as the other lines and the same 10-speed automatic. There are six free paint colors available, and Ford offers a choice of ebony cloth or vinyl at no additional charge. Ford will assess a destination fee of $ 1,195 and an acquisition fee of $ 645 (Iroll) with a final cost of $ 26,660.

This could be the first B / D / B entry with a significant power gap between three vehicles of the same price and class. But is Tacoma and Colorado’s reputation enough to ignore the superior power of the new (ish) ranger? Off to you.

[Images: Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford]

The cheapest truck in America in 2021

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