The city of Alabama was told to keep the name of Confederate Street or face a $ 25,000 fine | Alabama

Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, is facing a proceeding or a $ 25,000 fine for renaming the street named after the federal president of a prominent civil rights lawyer.

The state’s Republican Attorney General, Fred D Gray Avenue, a 91-year-old lawyer who represented Rosa Parks and others in a case in which the Montgomery City Council named Jeff Davis Avenue after Jefferson Davis in a case that challenged the state’s separatist practices. Acted after resolving to switch to.

Gray, who Martin Luther King Jr. called “the chief adviser of the protest,” grew up on the streets and became one of the first African-Americans to be elected to the Alabama parliament since its reconstruction.

Throughout the United States, the rise of the Black Lives Matter racial justice movement has led to an increasing effort to destroy racist and slavery-related figures. However, there was widespread opposition, especially between conservatives and Republicans.

Steve Marshall, Alabama’s 48th Attorney General, has told Montgomery officials that he has violated state law protecting South Army monuments and other long-standing monuments, and by December 8th, $ 25,000. I write that I have to pay a fine. Status”.

Montgomery mayor Steven Reid argued that he was the first African-American to take up this position, but that it was right to change his name.

“It was important to show this to the new Montgomery, not only to the inhabitants here, but to people far away,” Reed told The Associated Press, adding that the name change was his idea.

“We want to honor the heroes who have fought to make this union as perfect as possible. If you look at the many South Army symbols we have in the city, under the Star-Spangled Banner We send a message that we are not united, but focused on the lost cause. “

Alabama’s 2017 Memorial Conservation Act was enacted after cities across the country began removing South Army monuments and stood for over 40 years, including monuments and monuments (including memorial streets and memorials). It is forbidden to remove or remodel.

Montgomery, sometimes referred to as the “Southern Army Cradle” because the alliance was formed in 1861 and functioned as the first South Army capital, was also the key to the civil rights movement a century later, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott. ..

Several cities in Alabama have chosen to destroy the South Army monument and pay a fine of $ 25,000. This includes Huntsville, also known as Rocket City, where the US space program was first centered. Removal of the monument to the unnamed South Army soldiers last year.

The city of Alabama was told to keep the name of Confederate Street or face a $ 25,000 fine | Alabama

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