The City of Wichita plans to open public pools by Memorial Day – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-05-07 23:22:32 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) —Summer is imminent, and the city of Wichita is celebrating a milestone with its Aquatic Master Plan.

The Parks and Recreation Division has been working on overhauling urban pools since 2012. Last year alone, construction began in many parts of the city and will be open to the public within a few weeks.

Jessica Alcanter and her three children live near the current construction area of ​​Minisapur. My kids sound pretty excited every time I drive, “Alcanter said.

The pool will open in just over three weeks, according to Bryan Gil, manager of the Wichita City Aquatic Program. “We are working hard, but we are confident that we are ready for Memorial Day,” Hill said.

He said the community could dive into the newly refurbished pools of Array, Harvest, Minisa, McAfee and Orchard by Memorial Day weekend.

“One of the biggest things we’ve done in the pool is that it’s actually spread out in that space, which gives us more area to play,” says Hill. “I kept this slide here in Aley, but added it to all the other pools.”

The pool has been redesigned based on the information the city received from the community. Many felt that the pool needed more fun elements than just swimming lanes. Before the remodeling, Alcanter shared that feeling. “It didn’t seem that exciting, but now it looks more interesting. Kids may have more fun,” Alcanter said.

Pools in Edgemore, Evergreen, Boston and Lynnwood have been converted to splash pads. They will open on Saturday, the Memorial Day weekend. “It also looks pretty cool,” Alcantar added.

According to Hill, the College Hill community pool will be refurbished next year, but will open alongside all other aquatic spaces on Memorial Day.

The City of Wichita plans to open public pools by Memorial Day Source link The City of Wichita plans to open public pools by Memorial Day

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