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Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Developer Community Builder (TCB) and non-profit Future Chef today announced the opening of Clarion, a mixed-use, mixed-use home development facility in Globe Hall. The dwelling consists of 39 rental homes, 32 of which are at various income levels and 7 are at market prices. The new home of the building, the ground floor, has 5,750 square feet of commercial space. Future chef, Youth development non-profit organization. Use a work-based learning model to engage teens in paid work, develop cooking and essential life skills, and develop adolescents for a successful career in all areas of their choice. Clarion has also achieved strict energy efficiency goals and is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified building.

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“This holiday season welcomes 39 families to Clarion’s new home, a state-of-the-art building with great facilities and space reserved for future chefs who will provide important life skills to Boston’s youth. Excited, Mayor Walsh said: “Community builders, the Globehall community, future chefs, and all who have worked with us to create new, affordable mixed-income homes. Thank you for your partner and the opportunity to nurture youth here. Globe Hall. Together, we ensure that all residents and their families have access to accessible, safe and affordable housing options. By doing so, we will work to improve all regions of Boston. “

“The partnership between Clarion and Future Chef is a great expression of the mission of a community builder. It provides housing for people of all income levels, enriches the community and creates opportunities for progress. Today, Clarion is packed and We are proud to say that 39 households and a very special organization are what we call home, “said Andy Waxman, Regional Vice President of Real Estate Development, Community Builder. “I would like to thank my partners for all the work to make this development possible.”

Clarion has 27 new, affordable apartments for households that earn less than 60% of the region’s median income (AMI), or $ 76,740 for a family of four. Seven of these units are reserved for households with an AMI of 30% or less, or $ 38,350 or less for a family of four. Of the seven units, three are reserved for people with disabilities and four are for former homeless households directly referenced by HomeStart. Clarion also includes seven market-priced units and five income-restricted units within the scope of the Boston Municipal Neighborhood Development Authority-funded AMI, earning less than $ 119,000 for a 100% AMI or a family of four. It is intended for households.

Clark Ziegler, Secretary-General of the Massachusetts Housing Partnership, said: “We are pleased to work with the City of Boston and community builders to re-engage with cutting-edge, affordable housing that will help provide opportunities for young people in the city through the Chef Program of the Future. (MHP). “We are currently funding eight TCB developments and funding 194 projects and 7,270 apartments in Boston. This development addresses many of our priorities, such as We look forward to further funding our homes. “

Clarion has 15 1-bedroom units, 21 2-bedroom family units, 3 3-bedroom family units, a spacious lobby facing Blue Hill Avenue and a property management office suite. There is on-site parking on the back of the building and a beautiful square on the corner of Quincy and Blue Hill Avenue. Nora Shea, a new resident of Clarion, said: “I’m really happy to live in Clarion’s living facilities. The apartment is new, really nice and comfortable. The location is convenient and city friendly … and the staff and management are great!”

Future Chef was previously run in an old Flower Exchange building, but when the redevelopment of Albany Street was planned for 2018, Future Chef worked with TCB to make Clarion the home of the new Future Chef. I made it. The interior, built for a 5,750-square-foot commercial space on the ground floor, creates a new home for future chefs. Future Chefs was founded by Toni Elka in 2008 on the belief that society has a collective obligation to prepare young people for employment and a productive life...

“Future chefs are undergoing major changes at a very important time. Our contribution and response to change is positive, growth, progress and unity with a focus on youth development and empowerment. I grew up in Future Chef’s new homes, Rocksbury and Dorchester. I’m very proud to be part of this wonderful Future Chef’s family since it was founded. “Aquila Kentian said. Kentish has a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from the Future Chefs scholarship and has returned to Future Chefs as Culinary Operations Manager.

“We are excited to focus on our values ​​in this beautiful new facility. We believe that every young person should be able to imagine a purposeful and enjoyable life. This collaboration will warm future chefs. It can be a cozy home and create a youth with a focus on cooking. Toni Elka, the founder and secretary-general of the future chef, said:

The combination of housing and youth development marks a new beginning for this site. “We are thrilled that what used to be a vacant lot is now a beautiful building that provides housing and brings hope to the community. Future Chef and Commonwealth Kitchen are now in our culinary district. It fixes and provides people with a clear career path to culinary arts, entrepreneurship, and many other initiatives, “said Edgaskin, Executive Director of Greater Grove Hall Main Street.

The development of Clarion was made possible by a donation of $ 1.5 million from the Neighboring Development Authority and $ 750,000 to the Neighboring Housing Trust Fund. The Massachusetts Housing Community Development Authority (DHCD) has donated $ 1.25 million through CATNHP and HSF funds, $ 1 million from the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and the Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC) has contributed to Community-based Housing (CBH) ) Donated $ 450,000 to the fund. TD Bank offers a $ 10.2 million construction loan and the Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP) provides permanent funding through a $ 2.8 million perpetual loan. Boston Capital was a $ 6.2 million federal low-income housing tax credit and a $ 3 million state low-income housing tax credit syndicater. In addition, the community builder provided a $ 1.35 million sponsored loan.


The Neighboring Development Authority is responsible for accommodating homeless people, developing affordable homes, and enabling renters and homeowners to find, maintain, and stay in their homes. As part of the ongoing coronavirus response, the Department of Housing Stability also conducts tenant rights workshops to educate residents about the eviction moratorium and its rights. The Boston Home Center continues to provide down payment support for first-time homebuyers and home improvement for the elderly and low-income earners. The Assisted Housing Department works with various partners in the city to quickly accommodate individuals experiencing homelessness. For more information, please visit: DND website.

About Community Builder (TCB)

Community Builders (TCB) is one of America’s leading non-profit housing organizations. Our mission is to build and maintain a strong community in which all people can thrive. We are fulfilling our mission by developing, financing and running housing communities, neighborhood amenities and resident opportunity programs. Since 1964, we have built or preserved hundreds of affordable mixed-income housing developments and pioneered a community life (CL) model for resident success. Currently, it owns or manages 13,000 apartments in more than 14 states, backed by offices in Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, and Washington, DC. See below for more information.

About future chefs

Future chefs prepare teens for success after high school and lifelong economic security. We want low-income Boston young people to develop their work skills while engaging in full-fledged and productive work in the kitchen, a medium for teens to engage, inspire and challenge. By helping, we intervene in the cycle of intergenerational poverty. The three-stage program allows teens to earn and learn from paid work-based employment while (1) exploring cooking and employment preparation skills and (2) practicing career changeable skills. 3) Guidance on planning after graduating from high school and support from staff.

The new headquarters in Clarion brings state-of-the-art production and educational kitchens and community resources to Rocksbury. With this new hub, Future Chefs will be able to expand its social enterprise programs, hire more students and provide active youth space and career support services to both teens and their families. I will.

Visit Future Chef’s website For more information.

Contact department: Neighborhood development

release date: Wednesday, January 13, 2021-12: 07 pm

The Clarion opens and includes new home for Future Chefs Source link The Clarion opens and includes new home for Future Chefs

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