The clinic serves the LGBTQ + community – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-06-22 18:07:37 –

Wilmore, Kentucky (LEX 18) — A small town clinic provides LGBTQ + communities with life-changing medical services.

The Phyllis D. Corbitt Community Health Center is one of the few facilities outside the Lexington Metro area that offers services such as hormone therapy, prescription management for HIV prevention, and basic mental health care. How they are changing the way they view local health care.

“Services to LGBTQ people in small towns are rare and very popular with the town of Wilmore, especially queer and transgender people who do not have access to positive and compassionate care for their specific needs.” Dr. Nurse Practitioner said. .. Anthony Kearney.

According to an NBC 2021 survey, 28% and 22% of transgender people in the United States are of color and have postponed treatment for fear of discrimination.

Trend Kearney is working on change.

“Because it’s my community, having a specific provider in the same community you think is very important to understand who understands your experience,” Kearney said.

Similarly, fellow nurse and fellow nurse Lori Fugate wants to provide a safe place for those seeking mental health services.

“We strive to make everyone comfortable in every way during their stay at the clinic,” says Fugate.

The CDC reported a surge in youth suicide since 2020. Fugate said this is why it is important to form a close relationship with the patient early.

“We respect them as people, respect their culture, and respect their beliefs,” Fugate said.

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