The combination of AstraZeneca’s vaccine and the mRNA vaccine was found to be 88% effective against COVID-19.

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AstraZeneca plc (NYSE: AZN) Pfizer-BioNTech (NYSE: NYSE: PFE) (Nasdaq: BNTX) Or Moderna (Nasdaq: MRNA) Has high efficacy against the virus, a new Danish study found.

Report published by Denmark last week Statens Serum Insect of Denmark (SSI) found that 14 days after the combined vaccination program, the risk of infection was reduced by 88% compared to unvaccinated individuals.

The SSI said the results were comparable to the 90% efficacy rate of Pfizer’s double-dose vaccine.

The study was conducted between February and June of this year, when alpha variants of the virus were the predominant strain.

It was not possible to conclude whether the same level of protection was applied to the most prevalent delta variants in Denmark today. According to Reuters, nothing happened after the combined vaccination program, so it did not provide efficacy data on coronavirus-related deaths or hospitalizations.

Danish research Increasing number of reports that is Mix and match approach It may elicit the same or more immune response than two doses of the same vaccine.

Public health experts have mixed opinions, Overall data remains tentative Whether it is safe to combine an mRNA-based vaccine with an adenoviral vector vaccine such as AstraZeneca.

Nevertheless, many countries, including Germany and Canada Advance Often with an approach that addresses supply challenges.

In April, Denmark became the first country to remove the AstraZeneca vaccine from its national vaccination program due to concerns about rare side effects. Shortly thereafter, he stopped using the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine.

Since then, the country has continued to expand Double vaccination Made by Pfizer and Modana.

As a result, about 150,000 Danes (mainly healthcare workers and seniors) received their first jabs in AstraZeneca, but were subsequently vaccinated with shots from Pfizer or Moderna. Copenhagen Post..

This study is conducted when the Danish Ministry of Health is considering whether it is necessary to provide a third shot to people who have received two different doses.

Outside the European Union Some countries do not accept mutual vaccination as an effective form of immunity., This can complicate the trip.

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