The company is asking President Biden about his vaccination obligations.

An industry group representing about 2,000 consumer brands wrote to President Biden on Monday, asking for an explanation last week about his announcement that all companies with more than 100 employees need to do so soon. .. Vaccination or weekly inspection required..

Mr Biden said last week that the Ministry of Labor and its Occupational Safety and Health Administration drafted a rule that would affect about 80 million workers.

However Mandate raised a nasty problem For employers working on the practicality of vaccination policies, Jeff Freeman, chairman of the Consumer Brands Association’s trade association, said.

On Monday, Freeman told Biden “immediately clear how private companies should implement aspects of the White House’s plans to achieve” our common goal of increasing vaccination rates. ” I asked.

He shared 19 questions that represent a “small sampling” of the questions posed by members of the trade association. inside that:

  • What vaccination documentation do companies need to collect and do they also need booster shots?

  • Do employees need to be fully vaccinated?

  • Do workers infected with the coronavirus need to be vaccinated or tested?

  • Do the requirements apply only to vaccines that are fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration? (Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is currently available Only fully approved shot.. )

  • Who is responsible for vaccination tracking? Is it a government or an individual company?

  • What are the consequences of tampering with vaccination status?

Other questions about testing and other policy details address similar rationale, how federal guidelines interact with state-level initiatives, who is responsible for paying for tests, employee absenteeism, and more. He touched on whether exemptions would be granted if the supply chain was disrupted by turnover. ..

Freeman said in an interview that he was also concerned about the slow pace at which governments tend to move compared to the quick decisions that private sector is accustomed to making. This was a problem during the pandemic, he said.

“For 19 months, we’ve worked with either the Trump or Biden administration, and all the institutions involved,” he said. “And the simple truth is that they were slow to keep up with the pace of change.”

He added: “We all want to get to the other side of this as soon as possible. Unless an entity like OSHA can move at the pace of the business environment, it won’t work in this scenario.”

Major business associations have generally supported the mission of providing otherwise vigilant companies with coverage requiring vaccination.

The United States Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the largest business lobbying group in the United States, states: “We strive to ensure that employers have the resources, guidance and flexibility they need to ensure the safety of their employees and customers and to comply with public health requirements. “. Another major business advocate, the Business Roundtable, said it “welcomes” the actions of the Biden administration.

However, they have also been competing to understand the details and implications that can vary depending on the size of the enterprise. Does the number of workers in the company include part-time employees? When is the compliance deadline? Do Potential Proceedings Slow Down the Process?

The White House has announced that it will provide further guidance by September 24th.

At this point, “more questions than answers,” said Ian Schaefer, a partner at Loeb & Loeb, a law firm specializing in labor issues.

Despite companies seeking more insights from lobbyists and lawyers, many companies discuss the reality of performing missions at an advanced level, even though they don’t know exactly what it involves. He said he was.

“I think they are controlling what they can control because there is no practical intelligence that gives them a little more guidance and direction. This is a lot of internal politics at the moment,” Schaefer said.

The company is asking President Biden about his vaccination obligations.

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