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Anna and Charles Sales

The CDC says it is often seen to disinfect the surface to prevent COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday that the risk of transmitting COVID-19 through the surface was low. Vincent Hill, head of the Waterborne Disease Prevention Department, said the risk is low, but high on hard indoor surfaces.Do a show … may be used to give to people [false] A sense of security that you are protected from the CDC Vincent Hill virus through a telephone briefing. Hill advised to focus cleaning on high-contact areas such as doorknobs and lamp switches. The CDC also added that cleaning the surface is a good habit, but not the most important way to reduce risk.

His minister came to see him that Monday.

Chuck Sales was in the hospital. His lungs were weak with COVID and saddened his wife Anna (69), who was infected with the virus three days ago.

“He was heartbroken by everything,” said Rev. John Kunze of the Messiah Lutheran Church. “He wanted to make sure Anna was offered a beautiful service.”

The next day, 88-year-old Chuck died.

This was the first time Kunze had two caskets in front of the church.

“They were the finest, humble and kind couple I’ve ever met.”

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The two married in 1988. He traveled all over the country on the Honda Odyssey and took a trio of Anna’s brothers to visit Chuck’s grown-up children and grandchildren.

They cruised to places like Bermuda and Jamaica. He chased Elvis’s disguiser Joseph Hall from city to city and heard him reveal the king’s classics.

Despite their age differences, they fit perfectly.

No one speculated that Chuck was approaching 90, said his eldest son, Chuck Sales Jr.

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His dad grew up in Chicago and moved to Lincoln when he joined the Air Force in the 1950s. The family returned to Chicago, but returned in 1965 to make Lincoln their hometown. Chuck worked at the National Crane, sang at the Bird Cage Theater at the Children’s Zoo, participated in the Corn Husker State Game, and ran his own small business shooting weddings and testimonials.

The cost of COVID: ‘The most amazing, humble and kind couple you would ever meet’ | Local Source link The cost of COVID: ‘The most amazing, humble and kind couple you would ever meet’ | Local

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