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The Covid vaccine is free, but not everyone believes it

When Paul Moser considers vaccination with the coronavirus vaccine, he also considers his unpaid medical debt, which is $ 1,200 that he couldn’t repay after several urological visits.

Moser, 52, cashier at a gas station in New York The state has a friend who was surprised at the coronavirus test bill and is worried that the same thing could happen with the vaccine. For now, he is hesitant to hit a shot.

“The legislator told me that all tests should be free, but surprisingly, it’s $ 150,” he said. “I agree that vaccination is important, but I don’t feel urgent.”

Congress has passed a law prohibiting pharmacies and hospitals from claiming patients with the coronavirus vaccine. The sign on the vaccination site advertises that injections are free. From the beginning, health officials and government leaders have generally told us that there is no cost. In addition, there are few reports of being charged.

Even so, some unvaccinated adults Surprise bill As a reason why I can’t hit. Many of them are accustomed to the frequently billed, expensive, and often unexpected health care system.

Ah Kaiser Family Foundation Recent Poll We found that about one-third of unvaccinated adults were uncertain whether insurance would cover the new vaccine and were concerned that they would have to pay for vaccination. This concern was particularly pronounced among Hispanic and black survey respondents.

“Our conversation is like this:” Yes, I think it’s a good thing. Yes, I want it, but I don’t have insurance, “many said. Ilan Shapiro, medical director of AltaMed, a community health network in Southern California that serves the Hispanic population, said: “We make sure everyone knows it’s free. “.”

The confusion may indicate a lack of information or skepticism that the bill has not been seen by a doctor. Kaiser’s Head of Research, Liz Hamel, said it may reflect people’s experience with the healthcare system: “People may have heard that it’s available for free. But I don’t believe it. “

Congress is trying to protect patients from the costs of coronavirus vaccines and tests. Early in the pandemic, insurers were obliged to waive their out-of-pocket and deductions for both services and set up a fund to repay doctors examining uninsured patients. ..

Still, the patient found himself confronting Test invoice — Some are over $ 1,000. Some doctors charged uninsured patients for the test, not the new federal fund. Others added unexpected fees and services to the test visits.

Vaccine claim rules are in place Even tougherDoctors and pharmacies had to sign a contract that promised not to charge patients for injections in order to be vaccinated.

It seems that stronger protection worked.Many patients face coronavirus claims for testing, but the New York Times Documented There are dozens of cases in the bills submitted by readers, and only a handful of vaccines are involved.

Still, some unexpected bills slipped through. Illinois, North Carolina And Colorado I received the vaccine bill by mistake. In each case, the vaccine provider canceled the claim and apologized for the error.

The federal government has received several complaints about unexpected claims and recently warned doctors not to claim patients.

Surprising claims for new coronavirus vaccines, tests, and other medical costs can leave a lasting impression on patients. Americans with medical debt are more likely to neglect the care they need than those with other types of debt, such as unpaid credit card bills and student loans. 2013 study By Lucy Carusova, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Riverside.

“While the media and everyone else may say that vaccines are free for people with medical debt, they also experience very negative encounters with the medical system that created distrust. “She said.

Some patients worried about the cost of the coronavirus vaccine said they always expected to receive an invoice after seeing a doctor. They were friends and family who ended up with expensive coronavirus testing and treatment costs. I wondered why the vaccines are different.

“This is the United States. Your medical care is not free,” said Elizabeth Drummond, a 42-year-old mother in unvaccinated Oregon. “I think the vaccination process goes this way. They try to take advantage of it.”

Research may also exaggerate how many Americans are afraid to receive amazing vaccine bills. When The Times conducted a follow-up interview with Kaiser’s help, some poll respondents who expressed this concern said it wasn’t really that important.

Instead, they said they responded so to express dissatisfaction with vaccines and the broader American health system.

“Cost is a detail,” said Cody Sirman, a 32-year-old who worked in Texas manufacturing and decided not to get vaccinated. He said he was willing to pay if he trusted the vaccine, but he didn’t. This was just a way to see how much control the government could control the population. “

For many, the potential cost of a vaccine is only part of the reason for leaving it unvaccinated. It is often difficult for pollers to know the deciding factors, or even identify patients. Another Census Bureau survey last month found that Americans were more concerned about the side effects of the vaccine than potential allegations.

“Most people don’t say they care about just one thing. That’s usually a lot,” said Hamel of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Tiffany Addotey, a 42-year-old school bus driver in North Carolina, raises cost concerns. It comes primarily from her experience trying to get a coronavirus test.

“In some places, I’m worried about being charged $ 200 for a coronavirus test,” she said. “I haven’t paid. I went home. The bill is good enough. is”

In addition to the recent Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspension, there are other things related to her, such as the safety of the vaccine in view of its rapid development.

When Addotey was informed that federal law would make vaccines free for all Americans, she replied:

Knowing that it was really free and no co-payment, she said, “a little helped.” But at least it wasn’t enough to calm her down about getting vaccinated yet. ..

“I’ll wait a little longer for it to hit the market,” she said. “If you do a little more research and spend a little more time, you’ll probably get it.”

The Covid vaccine is free, but not everyone believes it

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