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Will they collect signatures next?

Don’t wait for the Democrats to win the State Capitol … these people love to send letters to each other … and there’s a mascot behind our own hearts.

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Arizona advocates wanting to protect access to abortion There is one clear choice. It’s a citizen’s initiative.

It’s too late to put one in the 2022 ballot. And, in particular, the criteria for signing constitutional amendments, which are likely methods of measures to protect the right to abortion, are high.In addition, the US Supreme Court I haven’t announced a formal opinion yet upon Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health OrganizationMississippi abortion that could overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade precedent. At this point, abortion is still legal.

Abortion rights activists are looking to 2024, Year of the presidential election to bring something to ballot.

“I’ve been calling three times since Monday, where I’m actively discussing what people will be in 2024,” said a progressive lobbyist. Marilyn Rodriguez Told us.

The last time the Arizona were asked about abortion On ballot It was 1992When the initiative attempts to ban abortion altogether, with a few exceptions. It failed brilliantly: over 68% of voters voted against it.

Access to abortion in the Red States, if the ruling applies Will Driven by a woman who has the money and time to travel to the blue states.California politician They say they want to protect abortion access In their state constitution, and in the clinic Preparing to become an abortion paradise By making sure they are in an accessible location and have enough staff to handle the non-statistical inflow.

Political parties and the media often deal with access to abortion, Not as black and white 50-50. Some access to abortion is widely supported, depending on the wording of the question.

New York Times Stung When calculating state-by-state support for abortion rightsAnd even in Arizona, the “almost legal” category far exceeds the percentage of voters who believe it should be “almost illegal.”

Arizona has already seen the effects of abortion restrictions: Some women have recently come to Arizona to take care of them from Texas, where abortion is virtually banned about six weeks gestation. The provider said the Republic of Stephanie Ines..

Companies like Amazon and Levi Strauss Announced the program To fund employees who may need to travel to receive abortion treatment. However, I haven’t seen much from Arizona-based companies. Employees of Arizona-based companies may actually need to cross state boundaries in order to have an abortion in the near future.

We will continue to talk about abortion, but we would like to hear locally what you think is missing on this topic. Do you have any idea? Do you think there is already a lot of coverage? Please leave a comment or email us.

In addition to the life-changing questions women and families will face now Regarding their health and medical decisions, of course, the ruling raises many political issues. What do the leaked opinions and future decisions mean in the medium term? Will it enliven democratic voters?Who was preparing for the year of flushing in polls?

Ballots are probably the best hope of abortion supporters To ensure that people of all income levels can have an abortion. Two years is a long time, but after nearly 50 years of debate over Roe, the seismic changes that the ruling represents will almost certainly cause a left-sided rebound.

Pivot to return to sanity: County officials yesterday after Maricopa county officials attempted to anticipate the next election plot earlier this week. Aimed In the source of the latest round of bullshit: Attorney General of Arizona Mark Benovich..The supervisor is unanimous Page 59 A report that criticizes and reveals his 12-page “interim report”, questioning his intellect and integrity. Benovich, who recently spurred Trump’s report, counterattacked with a nice guy video wondering why we all couldn’t do it.

This is the story of Arizona from a national perspective. New York Times detail Arizona Prosecutor Isaia Camacho, “Tattoo artist passing byTwo-stay car(After he was alleged to have made a series of sexual and physical attacks on a woman in Arizona) (because he was alleged to have torn a man’s teeth). The case was unraveled after he “caught” a lawyer at Arizona AG’s office. The lawyer then sent the case to Pinal County attorney, who did not want the case and refused to prosecute.

“However, according to two people familiar with the situation, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office was concerned that the chief prosecutor in the case had sent a sexual message to someone who thought he was a woman working as a bartender. The prosecutor believed that Mr. Camacho was pretending to be a bartender to “catch” the lawyer, according to an internal email received by the Times. ” Ali Watkins Write.

Pray quickly: State may be executed Clarence DixonKilled an ASU student in 1978, after Judge Pinal County declaration Despite suffering from schizophrenia, he was mentally competent and denied last resort to delay or cancel the hearing. Republic of Jimmy Jenkins Report.Governor Doug DuceyHas no formal role in whether executions proceed, Capitol Media Services’ Howie Fischer He I believe The death penalty is guaranteed as a way to provide justice in certain cases, despite his position as a Catholic in professional life.

In the smoke: Winners of the “Social Equity License” lottery are due to zoning regulations in some urban areas. You may not be able to open it Their clinics, if any, were in time for the deadlines mandated by the state. Republic of Ryan Randazzo Report.

New big lie: As us Attention last week, Tucson defeated Phoenix on the first 100 degrees of the year. Or did you do it? Tucson weather forecasters feel that temperature readings are suspicious. It just doesn’t make sense logically, Arizona Daily Stars Tim Stellar Write. Airport readings soared several times for no reason when the number of days to the alleged 100 degrees wasn’t gaining momentum. And measurements elsewhere in Tucson did not reach 100. Wrong measurements do not give real results, but the types of weather are confusing.

This is great, do it more now: Five affordable housing projects funded by the COVID-19 Relief Fund in Maricopa County for $ 27 million Need to bring 750 new units Around the Phoenix area, to meet the urgent need for stable and affordable housing, Republic of Jessica Böhm Report.

Do we have to read this book now? : New York Times Reporter Jonathan Martin When Alexander Burnes’ New book details The moment it was heated Better negotiations between US Sen in buildback. Kyrsten Cinema And the president Joe Biden When Cinema almost left Biden’s office Business Insider Report. The tension arose as Biden shared the details of the cinema’s opposition on the plan with other Democrats.

Millions vs. billions: After a spectacular $ 1.7 million payment to the director, Buckeye Elementary School staff Attention to their low salary I want a director Christie Wilson To resign Republic of Jana Kunikov Report.Meanwhile, the Arizona Education Association Wants $ 1.7 billion with additional school funding From the surplus where the state sits, the University of Arizona Don Bowles fellow Gloria Gomez Report.

The dog is going to get angry: The city of Arizona has not yet restricted the use of residential water, May be time Arizona Water Resources Director to consider reducing things like lawn watering as they do in California and parts of Nevada Tom Bushatsuke Said Republic of Brandon Loomis..

Men In the long run: Patients with Long-COVID-19 Said KJZZ’s Catherine Davis-What is it like to live with the ongoing symptoms of the virus, from fatigue to stroke?

Shameless Self-Promotion Today: Hank Gave KJZZ Lauren Gilger A brief overview How the constituency change changed the landscape of the parliament, and which parliamentary districts should be noted.

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Republican lawmakers have a desire to ban schools from creating and enforcing vaccine obligations for minors.

Senate Speaker Karen fann put House building 2371 The 16 Republicans needed to pass the bill didn’t show up at work, but they voted. It failed, but could be revived next week with a “rethink” vote.

While perusing the Republican U.S. Senator candidate Break Masters lots of Gun-related tweets, Hank I came across something that stands out for its splendor. I don’t know if the legend he quotes is true, but I’m very happy to know that Eastern Arizona College has a mascot named Mascot. Girahank..

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