The days of Lampard and Pirlo moved to NYCFC. And the team is better than ever | New York City FC

NSAvid villas have never offered an MLS Cup New York City FC.. Neither Andrea Pirlo nor Frank Lampard. These names have mapped NYC FC in the first few years of the club’s existence, but celebrities are of little importance in the playoffs.

Currently the name is not well recognized, but NYCFC is preparing for the first time MLS We will face Portland Timbers in the Cup final on Saturday. Ronnie Deira’s team is just one win from the title, demonstrating the changes in approach that took place after Villa, Pirlo, Lampard and others were sent off.

NYCFC, a member of City Football Group, could always boast one of MLS’s largest budgets. This was certainly the case in 2017, when the club had the second highest salary (about $ 18 million) of any club in the league after Toronto FC. The way to get attention and achieve success at the moment it was believed was to spend a lot of money.

The team got a lot of attention, but with no success. Patrick Viera’s team finished second in the 2017 season at the Eastern Conference, but failed to pass the conference semi-finals in the playoffs. When Pirlo, VIERA and Jack Harrison left within the next six months, it was clear that NYCFC had missed a chance to turn Starpower into silver, as LA Galaxy did with David Beckham, Robbie Keane and others. ..

The difference is that they noticed that NYCFC is in the midst of a league-wide transition. The LA Galaxy approach has become obsolete. If MLS 2.0 was defined by the star names (Kaka, Didier Drogba, Sebastian Giovinco, Steven Gerrard) attracted to North America in the post-Beckham era, MLS 3.0 would allow clubs to recruit better scouts and shredders. I saw that I focused on creating my own star.

Atlanta United has shown its way by cultivating their considerable resources to sign the best young players from South America they can get. And they won the MLS Cup only in their second season. Los Angeles FC followed this model when they joined MLS, and NYC FC also changed their strategy to suit the new situation.

Just two months after the villa left Bronx for Vissel Kobe, Japan, NYC FC spent $ 9.1 million on the promising Romanian forward Alexandre Mitrita and about $ 4 million on the Brazilian striker Heber. .. The following year, the club signed Uruguay’s young Nicolas Acevedo for about $ 3.5 million, adding $ 8 million to Vasco da Gama’s teenager Talles Magno in 2020. The transfer policy for Yankee Stadium has clearly changed.

The appointment of Deira as head coach was also evidence that NYCFC is taking a different approach. Norwegians are not known to most MLS fans, unlike Vieira, who played brilliantly in Arsenal and France, despite winning consecutive titles while coaching Celtic in Scotland. bottom. Deira didn’t even have a connection with CFG, like Domènec Torrent, a former assistant to Pep Guardiola in Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester City.

Freed from the expectations of being an American outpost in Manchester City, NYCFC has done a good job of developing its own identity in recent seasons. Yes, they still play in Sky Blue and use the “Cityzens” nickname, which is also used by Premier League champions, but loan traffic between the two sister clubs has stopped. There is no suggestion that Guardiola’s successor was sent to the United States to learn his trade, as in Vieira’s case. On the surface, NYC FC seems to have greater autonomy.

During the 2021 regular season, especially in the final month, there were signs that NYCFC was preparing for the playoffs. Indeed, Deira’s team ended the campaign with four undefeated runs, including a 6-0 bang from DC United. The strong summer stretch also saw them claiming a remarkable victory over Columbus Crew, Orlando City and the New England Revolution.

At Taty Castellanos, NYC FC has a 2021 MLS Golden Boot winner and a player who embodies the transformation of the club. When a young Argentine arrived in Bronx on the first loan deal from Club Torque in Uruguay in the summer of 2018, there wasn’t much fanfare, but a solid scout recognized his potential. Good coaching took him a step further.

Veterans such as Maximiliano Moralez and Sean Johnson are credible performers, but Jesús Medina, James Sands, Malte Amundsen, Santiago Rodriguez (rental), Keaton Parks and others have given the team a young core. .. MLS often suffers from a biased number of rosters across the league, but while salary caps and other roster restrictions exacerbate the problem, NYCFC has achieved a good balance.

Of course, there is still work to be done. It’s embarrassing that they still call Yankee Stadium their hometown and play in fields where there is no place to stand at the pinnacle of North American football. MLS should be grateful that Saturday’s finals are taking place at Providence Park, not Bronx. This is the case when Real Salt Lake wins the Western Conference.

Nonetheless, the sight of Deira and his players celebrating in Portland on Saturday will prove how the NYCFC has matured. Growing pain led to growth. NYC FC was outdated in terms of both off-field approach and field results, but is now a pioneer in MLS. Big names may get a lot of attention, but correct names bring trophies.

The days of Lampard and Pirlo moved to NYCFC. And the team is better than ever | New York City FC

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