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The decline of indoctrination in Oklahoma public school classrooms – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Aaron Baker is a high school social studies teacher in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is also a musician, Mennonites, his husband, and three fathers. Aaron provides voice opinion pieces for this community to contribute to Oklahoma City and subsequent public discourse.

Oklahoma City (Free press) Opinion — In Oklahoma, there was a time when political indoctrination in public school classrooms was a systematic issue.

This was a time when certain political ideologies were considered part of the educational goals of the entire US public school system. It was a time when students were not given the opportunity to ask de facto ideas about issues such as relationships, religion, and international affairs.

In Oklahoma, the Governor, the majority of state legislators, and many other state leaders believe it’s time. It must not be different from the truth.

Aaron Baker is a social studies teacher at Putnam City North High School. (Bret Dickerson / Okra City Free Press)

The truth is that 2022 Oklahoma students have more opportunities to think for themselves and shape their political ideas than at any time in the history of the state. The era of rigorous classroom roles where only teachers speak, students only listen, students only have questions, and teachers only have answers is over.

Today’s public school classrooms are more democratic than ever. And as democracy grows, so does the voice of students. And when students speak up, indoctrination is not only nearly impossible, but more importantly, irrelevant.

The cry for “awakened teachers” and the controversy over critical race theory in classrooms and textbooks are, in fact, an attack on students’ ability to think for themselves and guide their learning path.

For clarity, politicians (and by agents, angry parents at school board meetings) instruct and / or school to censor education policy, and / or are taught, discussed, or read at school. When imposing restrictions on what they can do, what they are actually doing is attacking the exercise of democracy in the classroom. What they really want is to return to the teachings of certain political myths from the “good” era when indoctrination was no longer checked because students were not given the space to think critically.

Here are four myths that were rarely seen in the Oklahoma classroom in 2022. Governor Kevin Stitt, Secretary of Education Ryan Walters, Congressman Kevin West, and many other elected and appointed leaders are highly eager to return to the Oklahoma classroom.

Myth number 1

The United States is the greatest country in the history of the world.

This myth derives from a concept known as “American exceptionalism.” This is the idea that the United States is globally and historically unique (good reading). It is an absolute statement that does not resonate with the relativistic way of understanding the truth of 21st century students.

It is different from the nationalism of pride in one’s own country.

American exceptionalism is nationalism that denies the legitimacy of all other nationalist expressions outside the United States. This may seem obscured rather than part of Oklahoma’s social research standards, but the idea is that it is unlikely to be explicitly endorsed by textbooks in 2022.

Fortunately, in our globally connected world, even the most traditional teachers in Oklahoma have difficulty marketing the idea that the United States is the greatest country in the history of the world. ..

Myth number 2

In the United States, being cisgender and heterosexual is “normal.”

At the 2022 legislative session, Senate and House of Representatives Oklahoma attacked 2SLGBTQ + students like never before. It was alleged that the promotion of the education voucher system failed as needed to combat the “LGBTism” of our school.

A fantastic “awakening mob” was created to divert attention from the reality of the lost culture war. Queer is becoming more and more popular in all aspects of American culture, including movies, television, social media, and news media. The normativeness of Cishet (cisgender heterosexuals) is still dominant, but declining nationwide. The educator is not the architect of this cultural movement. Schools and classrooms only meet the evolving needs of student demographics. Demographics are becoming more and more strange with each new grade.

Students are not taught the idea of ​​2SLGBTQ + at school. Students promote strange visibility, often educating illiterate teachers and managers.

Myth number 3

The United States is advancing to the level of post-racial society.

This calculated historical reconstruction was confiscated after the election of Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, in 2008.

Indeed, from the end of 2008 to the beginning of 2009, there was a momentary national sigh of temporary collective relief and a momentary national sense of racial progress.

However, the 2012 killings of Trayvon Martin and the 2014 killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner by police triggered the Black Lives Matter movement, and along the entire history of the United States, Dr. Ibram X. Kendy was racial. By the progress of racial discriminators showed that progress was said to have continued soon.

Anger over the possibility that critical race theory will be discussed in the classroom is, in fact, a pinch to the fleeting feeling that, as a nation, we understood the issue of racing only once (hint: us). Not done).

Oklahoma’s HB1775 is not about critical race theory. HB1775 is a false racist attempt to require teachers to present racism and racism only as past events that have no lasting impact on our lives today.

Myth number 4

The United States is a Christian state.

No other elected leader is as eager to ignore the US Constitution as it is when discussing the relationship between religion and public education. This issue has evolved with the next ruling in the Kennedy vs. Bremerton school district, but most public schools are still reluctant to promote one religion over another.

This is not the case in both Oklahoma Parliamentary rooms. Teachers and students visiting the Oklahoma State Capitol are stunned by the “chaplain of the day” seen from the gallery, which imposes Christian prayers on them from the podium. Students have a hard time imagining the absurdity of Christian prayer through the intercom during the morning presentation at school. But this is exactly the kind of practice that many elected leaders want to return to public school.

Real doctor

Anyone who wants to promote “America First”, hatred of queer students, color blindness, and “school gods” in Oklahoma classrooms is a real teacher.

There is nothing to be afraid of increasing the voice of the students.

Further legislative attempts to censor libraries in Oklahoma, limit education, silence students, and return to the indoctrination of the above myths are a process in which students speak louder, think more critically, and democratically. It only helps to encourage you to request a seat.

The Voice Opinion section of our community is for people in the community to submit rational and well-written opinions to advance public discourse. If you live in Oklahoma and would like to submit your work for consideration of publication, please contact info (at) freepressokc (dot) com.

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The decline of indoctrination in Oklahoma public school classrooms Source link The decline of indoctrination in Oklahoma public school classrooms

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