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Miami Marlins last weekend debut Their new Nike “City Connect” jersey is a hymn to the team’s Latin American fans, more specifically Cuba. Sugar Kings, A minor league club that played from 1954 to 1960. Fans’ reaction to the new Marlins thread was overwhelmingly positive. It’s unusual when it comes to alternative uniforms.

The release of the City Connect jersey made us think: are these the best alternative uniforms the Marlins have ever released? What’s more, is this the best look Miami Marlins has ever shown with diamonds?

These questions give us the opportunity to travel on a memorable path. Let’s compare the new look of the Marlins with some of the other fashion choices the team has made over the years and see where it lands.

“Marlinsman” jerseyAs far as the Marlins went, these were strikeouts. Please do not do it again.

This is not personal Marlins man — A North Miami Beach lawyer described by USA Today As a “ubiquitous super fan” of the team — but he takes this into account.The· Orange jersey It’s ugly that he inspired, but what makes them worse is that the Marlinsman loves them.No he I love it Those. He literally made it to what he is known for. I can’t keep up.

Have you ever seen someone wearing these jerseys? anywhere? I will not do it. Because he ruined them for everyone else. And they are one of the ugliest jerseys ever. Weft.

The appearance of “Carnival”. These will be forever linked to former owner Jeffrey Loria. They appear to have hired a bad artist to paint a jersey that he imagined what Miami would look like while he was taking hallucinogens.

These aren’t as bad as the orange version of the Marlinsman, but they’re close. Good troublesome payment.

Highlighter jersey. Do you remember these? I barely did. These were released in 2018. Not bad. Not the worst. Definitely not the best. Do you think it’s the key to making a jersey to wear on the Ultra?

As we’re talking about, these seem to have been found floating around TJ Maxx. If so, I would drop $ 17.99.

Negro league jersey. Sometimes less is more. In 2020, the Marlins wore a Miami Giants throwback uniform to pay tribute to the semi-professional team who played in South Florida in the 1930s.

It looks like you’ll get points in an extreme slowback atmosphere, but you’ll have to deduct points for the confusing “giant” on the front.There is literally MLB The team named the Giants. It’s like a dolphin wearing another uniform with the words “PATRIOTS” on the front. It’s strange.

Current appearanceThe Marlins’ current Home White looks great. There is nothing flashy and unique about them. That’s probably what Marlins shot caller Derek Jeter had in mind when he went to them. After all, he’s a former New York Yankees and the team known for one of the simplest uniforms in the sport.

We’re big fans of these, but don’t get angry when the Marlins try to improve them.

“All bluesThe Marlins don’t often wear very clean all-blue uniforms. These babies are smooth. Sky blue has a soft appearance that is easy on the eyes. Also the same blue contour font.

These need to be rotated. Maybe every Sunday.

City ConnectThe Marlins hit a home run with the latest looks. Inspired by Nike’s Sugar Kings, the thread feels like a costume you bought early in the summer and saved for your first day at school.

They look like clothes candies. We are all about these. The uniform is nice, but the MM King logo steals the show here. I don’t want to leave that logo.

Best. Symbolic. One of the best looks Marlins has ever run out of diamonds. Best-style uniforms give you a classic Marlins look that’s hard to beat forever.

It may be nostalgic, but vests and fonts occupy a special place in our minds.

InaugurationThese can be unnecessarily difficult in the garden. Look at those people. They are fed up with your shit and are here to hit baseball and adjust the cup.They are so 90’s baseball It painful..

This design always felt like the winner of a junior high school contest. Some kids write “FLORIDA” on a piece of paper, add Marlins to F, BOOM — a free ticket for the Marlins game with a Pepsi coupon and a helmet full of ice cream.

classicIt’s very simple and very symbolic. Combining a “Marlins” and an all-teal cap on the front, the long-loved classic jersey is the best look Marlins has ever rocked.

Most of the Marlins fan base lives outside Dade County, as much as they love the full representation of “Miami” in Marlins’ current jerseys. Going alone with the “Marlins” always felt right, even if they were is Miami Marlins. This look is correct for many reasons, but above all, it’s the identity of the team.

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The Definitive Ranking of Miami Marlins Jerseys
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