The document suggests that Facebook missed a few weeks’ warning signs about the Capitol attack | Facebook

As a supporter of Donald Trump’s radicals Attack on the US Capitol On January 6, another type of riot was taking place within the world’s largest social media company, fighting police and forcing lawmakers to hide.

Thousands of miles away in California Facebook Engineers were competing to fine-tune internal controls to slow the spread of false information and content that could incite further violence.

Urgent action (some rolled back after the 2020 elections) eliminates Trump’s ban, freezing comments in groups with hate speech records, and campaign screams overturning Trump’s election defeat. And so on. scam.Authorities do it Safest election In the history of the United States.

Actions also included empowering Facebook content moderators to act more aggressively by labeling the United States as a “temporary high-risk place” for political violence.

At the same time, frustration within Facebook erupted against what some saw as the company’s outage and inconsistent response to rising extremism in the United States.

“Did you not have enough time to understand how to manage discourse without enabling violence?” An employee wrote on an internal bulletin board at Height. January 6th turmoil..

“We’ve been fueling this fire for a long time, but don’t be surprised that it’s now out of control.”

It’s still a question Hanging Today’s company where Congress and regulators are investigating Facebook’s role in the event.

With the conversion of a former Facebook employee to a whistleblower, many media outlets have recently been provided with new internal documents. Frances Haugen, Following her initials Disclosure And the platform is Prioritize profits Public goods, and she Testimony to Congress..

These documents rarely give a glimpse of what the company seems to have come across on the January 6th event.

Even after many years under the microscope Inadequate policing Its platform, social networks, missed a way for riot participants to take weeks of vows to thwart Congress by posting on Facebook itself. Prove Joe Biden’s election victory..

This story is based in part on a disclosure made by Hogen to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is a US agency that handles regulations to protect investors in listed companies and was provided to Congress in a form edited by a legal adviser.

The edited version received by Congress was obtained by a consortium of media outlets, including the Associated Press.

Facebook’s January 6 “Break the Glass” emergency measure was essentially an optional toolkit designed to stop the spread of dangerous or violent content. Social networks were the first to use this system for the tough elections in 2020.

Twenty-two of these measures were rolled back at some point after the election, according to an internal spreadsheet that analyzed the company’s response.

“As soon as the elections were over, they either turned them off or returned their settings to their previous state, in order to prioritize growth over safety,” Hogen said.

Facebook’s internal report since January 6th, previously reported by BuzzFeed, has blamed the company for its “fragmented” approach to the rapid growth of the Stop the Steal page.

Facebook said the situation was more subtle and that it was carefully adjusting its controls to respond quickly to the proliferation of hateful and violent content. The company said it was not responsible for the actions of the rioters and that strict controls before that date did not help.

Facebook’s decision to phase out or abolish certain security measures took into account signals from the Facebook platform and information from law enforcement agencies, spokesman Dani Lever said.

Lever added that some measures were well implemented until February and others are still in effect today.

On the other hand, Facebook Face mounting pressure After a new whistleblower on Friday accused him of deliberately hosting hate speech and illegal activity.

Allegations by a new whistleblower who spoke to Washington post, Was reportedly included in the SEC complaint.

In a complaint reflecting Haugen’s disclosure, a former employee said Facebook officials were afraid to offend Donald Trump and his allies and offset the company’s huge growth. I explained in detail how to frequently refuse enforcement. Facebook correspondent Tucker Bounds is one of the alleged dismissals of concerns about the platform’s role in the 2016 election campaign.

According to the affidavit, as the post reported, “it will be a moment in the pot,” Bounds said. “Some lawmakers will be in trouble. And within a few weeks they will move on to something else. In the meantime, we’re printing money in the basement, and we’re fine.”

The document suggests that Facebook missed a few weeks’ warning signs about the Capitol attack | Facebook

Source link The document suggests that Facebook missed a few weeks’ warning signs about the Capitol attack | Facebook

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