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The End of Us takes a mostly light-hearted approach to COVID-19 and Quarantine – Kansas City, Missouri

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Nick and Lear discuss the benefits of wearing a mask for jogging. // Photo by Henry Rovenner and Stephen Canter

Perhaps there will come a time when “too early” does not apply to the COVID-19 story, but today it is not. Our end This is the second drama COVID-19 movie I saw three months later Songbird Released in December.on the other hand Our end Steer away from the unpleasant nature of SongbirdThe limited scope of the film means that we are missing out on some of the key factors that caused the trauma last year.

Just before the blockade happened, Leah (Ali Vingiano) and Nick (Ben Coleman) broke up. With the roaring blockade on the Los Angeles horizon and the increasing number of cases of COVID-19, Nick has nowhere to go, so exe sits down and tries to create a border in a small LA apartment. Coleman and Vingiano have a great match, so Our end Serves as a watchable farewell comedy.

This movie will run from March to the end of June 2020. As in real life, the rumbling of COVID-19 cases begins small and continues until Leah and Nick are suddenly blocked. Work from home begins, people are let go, and connections with friends and family move to Zoom calls and FaceTime. Lear and Nick read all the same news headlines we did. They experience the same cleaning routines, social distance exchanges with friends, and the weird quarantine hobby that has become a trend. It’s all very recognizable. In these aspects, Our end It works pretty well.

However, the film is so over-recognized that what isn’t touched on is even more apparent. There is no mention of the Black Lives Matter protests that lasted throughout the summer, even though they lasted until the end of June. The battle for viruses and racial justice is an important crossroads of events from 2020. I feel dishonest to exclude them from movies that cover many other events of the year. We couldn’t provide much introspection, probably because of the two white leads, including the BLM protest. But in our world, people are still dying, anti-Asian racism by the virus is still occurring, and the film exists as a quirky farewell comedy that presupposes real-life events. ..

There were many last year. There are still many this year. Over the last 12 months, he has been recovering from many wounds.There are so many different experiences that people have experienced Our end The consideration fails. Instead, it provides the traumatic experience that the whole world has experienced in a fairly bland way, and in reality there is not much to offer in terms of resolving or reflecting on those events.

The End of Us takes a mostly light-hearted approach to COVID-19 and Quarantine Source link The End of Us takes a mostly light-hearted approach to COVID-19 and Quarantine

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