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Fleming County, Kentucky (LEX 18) — A family in Fleming County is looking for an answer after saying that their 12-year-old son with autism was excluded from some school activities and even some classes.

At a special moment, the transition from elementary school to middle school was nothing special for 12-year-old Seth Rein, who has autism and developmental delay. His family says it started when Flemingsburg Elementary School excluded him from the sixth grade graduation video.

Seth’s mother, Christie Rein, said: She is also included in going to the lunch room and getting out of the classroom for anything. “

Christie Rein explained that taking Seth to her current location requires a lot of treatment and effort-and it makes the exclusion of her son even more tragic. In a statement to the community, the Fleming County School Director said:

Dear Fleming County Citizens,

I noticed at Flemingsburg Elementary School what happened with regard to the inclusiveness of students with special needs that go directly against our mission, our vision, and our focused focus on a fair learning experience for all students. rice field. The incident in question occurred this week, but from the first review, it seems that other instances need to be reviewed as well. Unfortunately, this can affect students throughout the district. Since Fleming County School is a self-reported school district for such cases, we have already reported this to the US Civil Rights Department and the Kentucky Department of Education. After performing a full review of the situation, other agencies may be notified. In addition, we have already contacted our agency partners and have begun a complete and thorough top-down review of policies and procedures related to exceptional children at Flemingsburg Elementary School and throughout the district.

Excluding students from school-sponsored activities or experiences based on learning or physical ability is not our appearance as a school district. Following a comprehensive review, the district will develop an action plan to better train its staff to prevent this from happening in the future. In addition, safeguards to protect students will be implemented immediately. As a district, we must do better for our students.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this situation, please contact Mrs. Tiffany Lane (606-845-5851), Director of Special Education, email (tiffany.lane@fleming.kyschools.us) or contact me at any time. please. Via email at 606-845-5851 or at brian.creasman@fleming.kyschools.us.

Best regards, Brian K. Kriesman

Fleming County School Director

We contacted a school in Fleming County. They say they are currently investigating why all this happened, but Seth’s family says they haven’t got an acceptable answer.

“What kind of conversation I had with the vice-principal and some teachers at school, the answer I got was that they dropped the ball,” says Christie.

Seth’s sister Teagan Rain is studying special education. She wanted to enter the field thanks to her brother. She says it’s important to include it in all children, especially those with special needs.

Courtesy of Christie Rain

“I really want them to be able to fix what’s broken,” says Teagan. “There are a lot of kids going through the cracks you can say, and I believe there shouldn’t be cracks through the kids.”

Christie is worried that her son may have missed the education and socialization he deserves. Now she just wants to see the change.

“I hate these things happening and what happened in the past, but I won’t stop until there’s a real change and something is done about this,” Christie said. “Not only for Seth, but for other children.”

Schools in Fleming County have a policy that students in need of special needs have equal opportunities to participate in student activities. Christie Rein says her son deserves the same education and opportunities as any other child and she wants to see this wrong.

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