The FBI director supports the theory that the Covid-19 virus may have leaked from a Chinese lab. FBI

Christopher Ray FBI The director has been complicit in the debate over the origins of the Covid-19 virus, appearing on Fox News to support the theory that the virus may have originated from a leak in a Chinese lab.

“For quite some time, the FBI has assessed that the origin of the pandemic was most likely a potential laboratory incident in Wuhan,” Ray said. Fox News Brett ByerThe assessment was based on research conducted by the agency’s analysts, including scientists, and added that “our work in this regard continues.”

Wray’s high-profile public comments have highlighted divisions within the U.S. intelligence community about the origins of the pandemic, with several federal agencies, including the FBI and Department of Energy, saying the Covid-19 virus was likely the result of a laboratory leak in China. Some have concluded that it first spread to humans from infected animals.

Wray’s public support for the Laborique theory runs counter to the conclusions of several prominent scientific studies, as well as several other U.S. intelligence agency assessments. Ray did not explain the evidence that informed the FBI’s conclusions. “It’s classified and there aren’t many details I can share,” he said.

The Central Intelligence Agency and another prominent US federal agency have yet to decide on the origin of Covid-19, but the National Intelligence Council and four other agencies have concluded that the virus originated in animals. wall street journal reported this week.

the energy sector concluded with classified information Covid-19 is most likely due to a leak in the lab, but this assessment is “low confidence”, the FBI announced in 2021 that “moderate confidence‘” reported The Wall Street Journal.

“I believe that the ‘Laborique’ theory has a realistic possibility, but I would like to point out that [energy department’s] Dr Philippa Renzos, a reader in Science and International Security at King’s College London, previously said the assessment was “unreliable” and did not change the minds of other institutions. told the Guardian.

Some scientists studying the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic oppose US agencies’ endorsement of the Labourek theory. U.S. intelligence agencies’ assessments point out that they do not offer public transparency as to how they reached their conclusions or the evidence they have amassed.

“Two previous studies – one of which I co-authored – Use multiple lines of evidence to clearly demonstrate that the pandemic has emerged in the human population at least twice over a period of approximately two weeks at or just upstream of the South China market, associated with the live animal trade. ” Angie RasmussenA professor at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada told The Guardian this week.

Wray’s public comment states, US-China tensions risethe discovery of a Chinese spy balloon sparked international controversy and was used by both Republicans and Democrats to criticize opposition leaders. The FBI director supports the theory that the Covid-19 virus may have leaked from a Chinese lab. FBI

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