The FBI report is said to have warned of plans for violence in the Capitol

Virginia FBI officials issued a harsh warning the day before the mob attacked the Capitol last week, warning about the threat of violence, law enforcement officials said.

The report was prepared by the FBI’s Norfolk office in southern Virginia on January 5, and sent to the Bureau’s Washington field office, where it was handed over to other law enforcement agencies, officials said. It was not clear which agency received it.

According to the Washington Post, first reported in an FBI document, the report includes a map of tunnels in the Capitol Complex in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and South Carolina and possible meeting locations before traveling to Washington. Mentioned people sharing.

“Be violent. According to the post, don’t call this a march, rally, or protest,” he said. “Prepare for the war and go there. We get the president or die. Nothing else achieves this goal.”

Authorities warned that the information in the Norfolk report was unsubstantiated and that the “war” citation appeared to come from a single online thread.

Nonetheless, the report defends the FBI by demanding answers from parliamentarians and the general public as to why at least five people were killed during the violence and were not prepared for mob attacks. There is a possibility. And immediately after that.

President Trump’s supporters landed in Washington to protest the ceremonial recognition of the Electoral College’s parliament weeks after his groundless allegations of electoral irregularities.

Last week, Stephen Dantuono, head of the FBI’s Washington field office, told reporters that there were no signs of a runaway event that day. He said the FBI had seen nothing in advance other than the activities protected by the First Amendment, which could include protests and even hate speech.

He said the FBI was working closely with its partners before Trump supporters who came to Parliament to protest the election results became violent.

Since the mob attacked the Capitol, the FBI seems to be taking a more aggressive approach to disclosing information to other law enforcement agencies. On Sunday, the FBI warned local law enforcement partners that armed protests were planned at all 50 state capitols and the US capitol. The warning also includes information about unidentified groups asking others to join “storm” state, local and federal courts if Mr. Trump is dismissed by the president before his inauguration date. I did.

The FBI report is said to have warned of plans for violence in the Capitol

Source link The FBI report is said to have warned of plans for violence in the Capitol

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