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The FDA wanted to ban some straighteners. It never happened.

Heat is very important to the process. The instructions require that the product be applied to the hair, blow-dried with a hair dryer, and then straightened with a flat iron heated to at least 380 degrees. The concern is that heat converts liquid formaldehyde into a gas, which is then released into the air.

Monte Devin Semler, who was contacted by phone in early October and is listed in California’s business records as the trustee of the entity that manages GIBLLC, said in his LinkedIn profile that he is the owner and founder of Brazilian Blowout. I am. I asked for a comment. He did not respond to the email.

Another manufacturer, Van Tibolli Beauty PR, announced on September 2, 2015 that the FDA warns consumers that GK hair taming system products contain formaldehyde, which may have health effects such as cancer. Was told that was needed. FDA officials said last week that the case had been resolved, but refused to provide further details. In a telephone interview, the company’s president, Van Tivoli, said that some of his company’s straightening products still contain the liquid formaldehyde, methylene glycol.

Products containing formaldehyde may soon be withdrawn from the market in at least one state. Last month, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Nontoxic Cosmetics Act. The law prohibits the use of 12 chemicals in cosmetics, including formaldehyde, mercury, phthalates and parabens.

According to the non-profit Women’s Voices for the Earth, salon workers are most exposed to straightening products. Many beauticians say they always thought the products on the market were safe.

“Whenever I tried to talk about this, my colleague always said,’If it’s bad for you, it wouldn’t be legal,'” said Emily Bedeker, a beautician in Alameda, California. Told. I had a migraine when a Brazilian blowout was used around her. “We assume that we have an invisible safety net that protects us.”

Susan Beacher contributed to the research.

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