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I’m Art Kumbalek, man ischewitz is the world, Aina? And another Independence Day has passed. This one past idiot was completed with the celebration of some Dutch bags of random interpretations of the “rights” of the Second Ferkacta Amendment from the Constitution. “Rights” are given to parade participants near Highland Park, Illinois.

And where was the “good man with a gun” according to the NRA mantra? Maybe a good guy has a dad running out of cargo pushing his kid’s stroller towards the ice cream stand on July 4th and shaking the AR-155th floor up from his tiny dad’s gun. On a nearby rooftop that wasn’t ready to return the fire to the two patriots. God Bless America, Aina?

Yes, the old slogan: “When a gun is outlawed, only outlaws will have it.” And now, from our junk and fantastic Supreme Court, this June decision is New York Times:

Supreme Court strikes New York law restricting guns in public

undulation. Now, those NY Met fans will come at the end of September, when the customary late-season plunge has blown away the chances of a playoff. Visit Macy’s to buy and replace shit-dirty underwear for another year of intense desire. Do you think the barrel when the clerk tells them that all BVDs of their size are gone?

Jeez louise, this “best” court. We thank the rule of law that this judicial garbage barge will not be able to sail again until the first week of October. Yeah, they take breaks / breaks. Unlike just your stressed but good school teachers, these court clowns each reduce a cool salary of $ 265,000. During the lifetime of each year, in addition, some flashy legality while the school teacher earns about $ 2-80 each year, before the school teacher deducts the cost of crayon and lunch for the children. The’Cause State’Republican legislature does not want to devote money to school districts fantasizing about public education and Jesus declares independence You are the founder and you don’t see the signed “Jesus H. Christ” at the bottom of the document because “the radical left-wing Democratic Trickster filled the quill that Jesus had signed with the disappearing ink. is.

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And when it comes to Supreme Court members and possible substitutes, if Clarence Thomas needs to choke chicken bones or just impeach Samuel Alito for abortion, an orange hat Suggests to throw into a ring of fire and rim stones. I am now sending a note to President Joe. If he finds it lucky to replace one of the conservative hooksticks on the bench, I’m his guy.

Qualification? I know from the bench — my student basketball career was none other than the bench. And several times during my career as an American adult voter, I was nominated for a preliminary jury trial obligation. I have never been called, but I think my willingness to serve should fancy the eyes of the president by distributing hard-line justice just by wearing a hat.

(Constitutionally, you don’t have to be a lawyer to appear in the Supreme Court. If so, ask me this. What do you call a lawyer who doesn’t know the law? “Judge . ” Ba-ding! )

OK, I think I should make a positive note here, so I mention that the Summerfest celebration is back on the board for the joy of young and half-young people. And that’s good, I won’t make you a kid.

But the answer would be “no help” if I’m wondering if I have the gas to carry my apologetic ass to that shebang blowing off the lakeside there. Oh yeah, I’ve heard that festival operators are trying to captivate an older gray crowd by hiring a handful of musicians who had their first big break before FM radio was discovered. But I’m not tuning, Sir.

If entertainment entrepreneurs really want to catch me or AARP stars like my gang and spend a few dollars, they need to listen to my long-standing proposal to make space for topless / bourbon tents. To yell out,’What is a middle-aged or older white guy who doesn’t enjoy the gentlemanly addiction offered by exotic dance?Hey, tell me

However, my buddy Little Jimmy Iodine attended the festival last weekend. He likes to go. Because if you’re a hobbyist looking for loose changes that were clumsy in your pocket, the open-air festival is a true silver mine, I won’t make you a kid. So he got off there at noon on Thursday. Because his nephew’s band, Puke Brain (an acoustic combo because sane people never allow them to use electricity) was to entertain on some tiny sidestage. However, snuffing in the parking lot prevented young people from fulfilling their contracts. Jimmy says it took the bassist two hours to lock the key in the car and get the drummer out.

Ba-ding!! That’s because I said that at Art Kumbalek.

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