The few troops killed in the Kabul explosion were just babies when the United States invaded.U.S. Army

Some of the 13 Americans killed in Self-destructive terrorism at Kabul Airport Thursday wasn’t even one year old when the United States invaded Afghanistan in late 2001.

The US military has withdrawn domestically after about 20 years. The bombing alleged by a local Islamic State group occurred during a series of large-scale evacuation efforts. As many as 170 Afghans have been killed. Two British citizens and one British citizen’s children also died.

Details of 11 U.S. Marine Corps, 1 soldier and 1 sailor were lost on the worst day of the country Afghanistan It started appearing on Friday and Saturday in 10 years.

Some have not graduated from high school, some have recently married, and some are trying to become fathers.

L / Cpl Rylee McCollum, 20, is a Marine from Bondurant, Wyoming, and his wife is expecting a baby three weeks later, his sister told reporters. Riley always wanted to join the Marines, added Cheyenne McCallum, recalling when he was a toddler and the war in Afghanistan had just begun.

“”[He] He was a Marine before he was allowed to become a Marine, “said McCallum. “He was hunting or a Marine because he carried a toy rifle and wore his sister’s pink princess snow boots. Sometimes it would be just a T-shirt with nothing underneath.

“He was very excited to be a dad, and he was going to be a great dad.”

L / Cpl Kareem Mae’Lee Grant Nikoui, 20, a Marine from Norco, California, was a high school air force cadet. Hours before his death, he sent his home video of interacting with children in Afghanistan. According to family friend Paul Areola, one of the clips showed Nikowi talking to a little boy.

“Do you want to take a video together, buddy?” Nikowi says. “Okay, we’re heroes now, guys.”

Areola said Nikowi “loved this country and everything we represent. It’s very hard to know that we lost him.”

Another Marine in St. Louis, Missouri, L / Cpl Jared Schmitz, 20, spent only a few days in Afghanistan to support evacuation efforts.

“This is what he always wanted to do, and I’ve never seen a young man train as hard as he did to be the best soldier he could,” said his father, Mark Schmitz. Told KMOX Radio.

L / Cpl David Lee Espinoza, 20, joined the Marine Corps from a high school in Laredo, Texas.

“He was brave enough to do what he wanted to do and help people. He was perfect,” his mother Elizabeth Holguin told the Laredo Morning Times.

US Congressman Henry Cuellar said Espinoza “embodied American values: grit, dedication, service, and courage.” Espinoza is a hero. The hero never dies. “

22-year-old Cpl Hunter Lopez of Riverside County, California, joined the Marine Corps four years ago and planned to expel his parents on behalf of the sheriff into law enforcement.

Maxton Sobiak, 22, a naval medic in Berlin Heights, Ohio, was a high school state champion wrestler and one of thirteen brothers, his family said.

“He just enjoyed life,” said Thomas Ross, director of the Edison District School District. “He was full of energy. He was a good boy, a good student, and people enjoyed being around him.”

SSgt Ryan Knauss, 23, from Knoxville, Tennessee, was planning to move to Washington, DC after deployment, the family told WATETV.

Grandfather Wayne Naus said Naus was “a motivated young man who loved his country.” “Because he was a believer, I will meet him again in God’s heaven.”

Animal lover Degan Page, 23, who grew up in Red Oak, Iowa, said his family would be memorable for “his tough shell and huge heart.”

According to a statement, Cpl Page plans to attend a vocational school after leaving the army, leaving behind a girlfriend, parents, stepmother, stepfather, four siblings, and grandparents.

“Our heart is broken, but we are grateful to the friends and family around us during this time,” he said.

One of the older victims was SSgt Taylor Hoover, 31, from Utah, who had been in the Marine Corps for 11 years.

His father, Darin Hoover, said: He did what he liked to serve his country and dedicated his life to protecting those who could not protect himself. He said his son, who had a girlfriend in California, was a close friend of his two sisters and was like “lightening the room.”

The few troops killed in the Kabul explosion were just babies when the United States invaded.U.S. Army

Source link The few troops killed in the Kabul explosion were just babies when the United States invaded.U.S. Army

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