The first ever “Earthshot Award” winner announced that Prince William will help innovators save the planet

London — Some of the world’s biggest celebrities joined Prince William of England in London on Sunday night for the first ever “Earthshot Award” award ceremony.

NS Awards created by Prince WilliamThe Duke of Cambridge put Americans on the moon, inspired by John F. Kennedy’s “Moonshot” oath. Earthshot is also designed to inspire innovation, but never reach heaven. Earthshot is a bid to keep the planet we live on for future generations.

The award brings awareness and considerable funding to those working on innovative solutions to the major environmental crises facing the planet. As CBS News correspondent Charlie Gata reports, the stars have come out to help save the Earth.

Coldplay pedaling performance began to progress, with 60 cyclists cranking to supply all the power they needed.

However, the message from the first Earthshot Prize ceremony was far from a celebration. The royal host warned everyone who was watching that we all lived in “the most important time in human history.”

“I want to say something to all the young people watching tonight,” said the prince. “For a long time we haven’t done enough to protect the planet for your future, but Earthshot is for you. In the next decade, we’ll act. We will find a solution to repair our planet. “

Five bold visionaries from around the world have each been awarded about $ 1.4 million for finding innovative ways to protect the planet.

The winner is:

  • Costa Rica’s country that won the “”Protect and recover nature“A category of policies that pay local citizens to help plant trees and protect the country’s rainforests.
  • India’s Vidu Yutomohan who won “”Clean our air“Award for his Takachar social enterprise helping to convert harmful pollutants produced by his country’s agricultural sector into commercially available biofuels and fertilizers.
  • The Coral Vita initiative in the Bahamas is “Revive our sea“Award for developing a scalable system for growing new hearty corals on land that can be transplanted into the ocean in small clusters to rejuvenate coral reefs killed by warm water.
  • Milan, ItalyBuild a lean world“Award for an initiative to see the city use large amounts of food that would have been discarded by grocery stores and other large corporations to feed people in need.
  • Correct our climate“AEM ​​Electrolytic Cell Awards — A much more efficient way to generate emission-free hydrogen gas from renewable electricity.

Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado Quesada said at the awards ceremony on Sunday that “what we have achieved in this small country in Central America can be done anywhere.”

In line with the theme, no one actually attended the show, and no plastic was used to build the stage.

Earthshot Awards Ceremony in London
Prince William of England and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will speak with Sir David Attenborough at the first Earthshot Awards ceremony at Alexandra Palace in London, England, on October 17, 2021.

Pool via Alberto Pesari / Reuters

Participants were encouraged to be “environmentally friendly” when deciding what to wear. Prince William wore a green velvet jacket, and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, reused the Alexander McQueen gown that she first wore 10 years ago.

“For too long we have ignored wild spaces, and now we are facing many turning points,” Kate said.

Next year, the ceremony will bring bids to save the planet to one of the most powerful nations on the planet. The United States will host the Earthshot Prize Ceremony in 2022.

“Tonight, the finalists and winners we recognize remind us that if we work together, we have the incredible ability to turn the impossible into reality,” he said. Video by Special Envoy John Kerry, President of the United States on Climate Change.

If you missed the Sunday night ceremony, you can watch it at Discovery Plus from October 20th.

The first ever “Earthshot Award” winner announced that Prince William will help innovators save the planet

Source link The first ever “Earthshot Award” winner announced that Prince William will help innovators save the planet

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