The first Ford Bronco off-road school to start the session on June 28th

  • Ford Off-road school This year for Bronco and Bronco Sports owners, registration will begin at the first of four locations scheduled for today.
  • Some Bronco sports owners and Bronco pre-orderers are free, but anyone can sign up.
  • This gives the order owner the opportunity to drive a Bronco before he finally gets his own Bronco, as Bronco buyers do not yet own one.

    The best off-road adventures now and over the last 40 years are sponsored by Land Rover and Jeep.Created by these two brands Spectacular trip we The story doesn’t stopNow Ford wants to be known for the same thing.

    All Bronco and Bronco Sport owners are eligible to attend Ford’s free classes. Bronco off-roadA 4×4 school that opens this month in the Wild Bronco Zone, Texas. It works like the Land Rover Experience in Vermont and North Carolina, or the newly established Jeep Adventure Academy in over 12 locales. It’s not your own.Ford Raptor Assault Program For owners of the F-150 Raptor, Bronco’s school is another animal.

    Unfortunately, Bronco buyers Don’t have their broncos yet. Shortage of chips resulting in Factory closed That’s why Ford can’t offer anything. The first school will open on June 28 in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. This is for those who own a Bronco Sport Badlands or First Edition model, or who have not yet ordered a 2-door or 4-door Bronco. The first Broncos will not arrive at this point until “summer,” which means August or September. To alleviate headaches, Ford offers Bronco patient pre-orderers a $ 250 certificate that can be used for branded gear and additional costs (such as guest invitations). The Texas school, like the other three schools scheduled to open by the fall, will stockpile the first actual Broncos school (Moab, Utah, Potosi Mountain, Nevada, and still private in the northeast. place).


    The group trail drive runs for 2 or 4 hours, with additional instructions on the vehicle’s offload capabilities and ends with a campfire. Hotels and travel are not eligible. It also excludes post-drive activities such as kayaking, fly fishing and mountain biking. However, anyone who has pre-ordered the Bronco, or the actual owner of the Bronco Sports Badlands or First Edition, can participate for free. Those who are interested are charged. The price has not come out yet.

    Legendary offloader Bob BurnsJust leaving Jaguar Land Rover more than 25 years later is a member of the Ford Planning Committee for the Offroad Program. We love off-road schools and Ford can expect to take full advantage of the opportunity to showcase Bronco’s SUVs.

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The first Ford Bronco off-road school to start the session on June 28th

Source link The first Ford Bronco off-road school to start the session on June 28th

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