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The first major tournament on Long Beach far exceeds the expectations of attendees – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-08-31 17:43:14 –

Participants in the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo held in the lobby of the Long Beach Convention Center on August 31, 2021. Photo: Alena Maschke

Outside the Long Beach Convention Center, Johnny Sentz inspected the Kenworth T680 natural gas-powered truck parked in the aisle just outside the lobby door.

Saenz, the transport supervisor for Fresno-based wholesaler OK Produce, is on Long Beach for the city’s first major tournament since 2019, the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo. The trade fair, where companies unveil the latest products in green transport technology, exceeded expectations. The organizer expected 3,000 people, but the event attracted 4,700 participants in the sold-out exhibition hall.

According to the organizers, this year’s event also sees the highest food and beverage sales in the last six years. According to the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, nearby hotels are either fully booked or close to capacity.

As a convention, the revival of the convention is important to the city’s economy Business brings an estimated $ 1 billion Income to local hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Saenz of OK Produce said the experience was overwhelming, but “really great.” His company aims to move the fleet of 100 trucks to near zero emissions over the next decade, and the exposition offers the opportunity to see what’s there.

“Being able to access the device yourself … it really helps,” says Saenz.

Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative coronavirus test, a policy enforced by the city, must be presented before participants can enter the lobby to register and receive the badge.

Isabella Lomo, an employee of the Long Beach Health Department, will give an admission ticket to participants at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo after checking the status of vaccinations. August 31, 2021. Photo by Alena Maschke.

Katrina Aceres, project manager for Sacramento-based consulting firm Momentum, said she was relieved that security measures would allow her to safely attend the event.

“I was a little nervous, but I’m relieved,” said Aserez.

Building personal connections with potential customers and partners in the transportation sector is key to her company’s work and is more difficult to achieve with virtual interactions alone, she says. I did. “Such organic connections give us more opportunities to meet in person.”

Paul Beach, president of Octillion, a battery maker based in Auckland, was worried about getting the virus, so he “picked” employees to take part in a trip to Long Beach. He said he had to. Eventually, three vaccinated staff arrived.

The beach said he had to travel to meet his Brazilian and European partners, even during the pandemic. “In my business, I have to look at the product,” he said.

Returning to face-to-face meetings is “very useful for business,” Beach added.

Advanced Clean Transportation Expo is North America’s largest advanced transportation technology event, from fuels to new technologies to vehicles, with dozens of new products debuting each year.

This is the first major convention to return to the Long Beach Convention Center after a 15-month hiatus, followed by major events such as Space Tech Expo USA and ComplexCon. The Clean Transportation Expo will return to Long Beach next year.

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