The first mob convicted of a US Capitol attack receives probation instead of imprisonment | US Capitol Violation

A federal judge sentenced the Capitol mob to probation rather than prison time after making an emotional apology to the “Americans” for participating in the “Barbaric Violence Indication.”

Anna Morgan Lloyd, a 49-year-old Donald Trump supporter from Indiana, was the first person to be convicted of participating in the January 6 attack. She will not spend her time in jail after pleaning her for the misdemeanor of “parade, demonstration, or picketing in the Capitol building.”

Judge Royce C Lamberth gave Morgan-Lloyd three years of probation, but warned that other defendants, who were not as supportive or despised as her, should not expect the same punishment.

“I don’t want to give the impression that probation is an automatic result here, because it never happens,” Lambers said.

Morgan Lloyd initially called the event “the most exciting day of my life” and bragged on Facebook about how she “attacked the Capitol.” Indiana’s grandmother and friends spend just over 10 minutes in the parliament corridor, using violence, destroying government property, violence against others, and militant groups. The prosecution said there was no clear connection. The prosecution said she spent about two days in prison after Morgan Lloyd attacked the Capitol, and said she fully cooperated with law enforcement agencies and later expressed regret for her actions.

Hundreds of federal judges have ruled Morgan Lloyd, a woman whose relationship with radical groups is unknown, as nearly 500 people have already been arrested and questioned in the January 6 attack. It is the first sign of what kind of judgment a person may make. The number of people who invaded the Capitol during the official recognition of Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

While some members of the militant group faced more serious conspiracy charges that allegedly planned violence in the Capitol in advance, others faced charges of attacking law enforcement officers. Many defendants, such as Morgan Lloyd, face misdemeanor charges.

Ronald Reagan’s appointed man, Lambers, who served for 33 years, admitted that the probationary ruling would probably be controversial. The break I’m going to give you, “he told Morgan Lloyd.

Morgan Lloyd faced up to six months in prison, but the judge said he thought it was not appropriate to impose a stricter sentence than the federal prosecutor demanded from her. Three years of probation, $ 500 in damages, $ 120. Community Service Time – Over 40 hours requested by the prosecutor.

However, the judge also criticized parliamentarians’ reports that January 6 was a day for tourists walking in the Capitol. I don’t know which planet they were on, but in this country Millions of people saw what happened. “

In a pre-judgment statement, Morgan Lloyd made a tearful apology to “the court, Americans, and my family.”

“I was there to peacefully support President Trump, and it’s embarrassing that it became a barbaric exhibition of violence that day, and I have any clues that it would be. Wouldn’t have been there.

“I didn’t want to be part of that, and I just wanted to apologize.”

It was a significant change in tone from her initial reaction to the Capitol attack. We attacked the Capitol, “Morgan Lloyd wrote on Facebook on January 6, the prosecutor said. She and her friends were “in the first 50,” officials said.

The demonstrators break through the barricade to enter the Capitol. Photo: Bloomberg / Getty Images

In a memorandum of judgment, federal prosecutors said Morgan Lloyd and her friend Donas Soubissy did not appear to have planned action or coordinated with militant groups in advance.

The prosecution wrote in a letter to the court that a 49-year-old woman was responsible for her actions: Violent and excluded from the crowd, those who were violent may have lost their nerves to do what they did. “

“I think she learned a lot,” Morgan Lloyd lawyer Heather Shanner told the Guardian. “This is trauma to her, and what people have done is trauma to the United States, and she knows she will never do it again.”

Shaner said her client “comes from a very small town and has very limited exposure to life,” and many of the people who participated in the Capitol riots were “not informed.” I was informed by mistake. “

“She is a very good woman, and I want her to be on probation,” Schoener said.

The probationary conditions should include banning guns she owns, the prosecutor demanded.

Unlike most federal defendants, who are usually detained before trial, the majority of people were charged with a parliamentary riot. Already released, Guardian analysis found.A striking contrast to pretrial detention rates was primarily white parliamentary defendants. Treated differently from prosecutors and judges Than most federal defendants who are black and Latino American.

The first mob convicted of a US Capitol attack receives probation instead of imprisonment | US Capitol Violation

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