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The first named storm of the hurricane season could form this weekend | News – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-05-08 11:30:00 –

The first tropical cyclone of the 2021 East Pacific Hurricane season was formed off the west coast of Mexico.

The system was developed more than a week before the official launch of the East Pacific Hurricane Season, which begins on May 15.

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This is not the first time the tropical system has developed before the hurricane season officially began. The East Pacific has shown either a tropical cyclone or a tropical cyclone form before the official season for three of the last five years.

This system was formed on Friday and the National Hurricane Center issued There is a 70% chance that this failure will occur in the next 48 hours.

“Conditions will facilitate further development of the system the next day or so, and short-term tropical cyclones or cyclones are likely to form tonight or Sunday,” the Hurricane Center said Saturday morning.

It is unlikely that a storm will affect the land. However, as predicted this weekend, a tropical cyclone will make the first name on the East Pacific list “Andres”.

Hurricane season starts early

In recent years, the Pacific Ocean is not the only basin where pre-season tropical activity can be seen. For the past six years, at least one named tropical cyclone has occurred in the Atlantic Ocean before the official start of the season, June 1. Above average The Atlantic hurricane season is expected this year.

That’s why the National Hurricane Center has decided to publish a regular “Tropical Cyclone Outlook” product starting this year. From May 15th -To provide better service to communities hit by the early tropical system.

Regardless of the basin that lives nearby, the seasons only take one storm to affect.Therefore, it is important to get started Preparation For the hurricane season.

It can Review your evacuation plan and yours Evacuation kit It’s the latest. Some areas hit hard in 2020 may still be recovering, and some roads and bridges are still recovering Repaired..

“You can also create a list of items to replenish your hurricane emergency supplies and start thinking about how to prepare your home for the next hurricane season,” said the Hurricane Center.

National hurricane Preparation week Held from May 9th to May 15th, daily themes will help you plan for the next season.

The first named storm of the hurricane season could form this weekend | News Source link The first named storm of the hurricane season could form this weekend | News

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