The Flaming Lips Cautiously Close Summerfest – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-19 20:14:14 –

The Flaming Lips are known for their loud and lively performances and have been exhibited several times on the Summerfest stage in recent years. Wayne Coyne and the crew stepped up with a sudden notice in the originally planned time frame before Pixies finally canceled the 2021 tour itinerary, but still respected the pandemic challenges. ..

The night got off to a bit of a mess as the Generac ads played before all the headlining set in the Generac Power Stage attracted the crowd to the crowd. It was also revealed that Wayne Coyne was testing Mike on stage. That led to a simple solitude explaining that the band was about to leave. When they came out at the right entrance, Coin said they were coming from Oklahoma City, where they are currently experiencing a surge in cases of coronavirus. Note, the band will not include some of the balloons and stage antiques that have become a staple of their set. Coin also played many of the shows in his trademark bubble, the band was behind Plexiglas, and many of them were masked. It was intended as a disclaimer, but it also put a little damper on the overall explosiveness of the show.

The night began with a mellow note on the latest album, “At The Movies on Quaaludes.” American head, And “All We Have Is Now” is a song that took on a new meaning during the last year. Coin wanted to hear the reaction from the crowd and moved all night as fans needed to keep screaming while in his bubbles. However, he leaves the capsule for a short time and fires a confetti cannon between “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1” and “Flowers Of Neptune 6”. Those moments emphasized the importance of individuality in live performances. There was an implicit level of connection between the coin-like frontman and the crowd, which was lacking to some extent on Saturday.

But from a sonic point of view, The Flaming Lips haven’t diminished at all. In the middle of the set, I was a little surprised when the breakout single “She Don’t Use Jelly” appeared much earlier than expected. The warmth of the crowd returning to the band and singing the chorus washed away the Generac Power Stage along the lakeside on otherwise chilly nights. The placement of the songs in the set was also an early indicator that things ended pretty quickly. With 10 songs, Coyne announced that there were only a few songs left in the band before entering “Mother I’ve Taken LSD”. The set could not be closed without the encore performances of “The WAND” and “Do You Realize?”. The former is the biggest energy spark the band showed on Saturday. Even the band’s biggest hits sounded powerful, but lacked a bit of something special, but it ended mellowly on three weekends full of music.

It was of utmost importance to remember that on Saturday, The Flaming Lips was a late replacement for the Summerfest lineup. In total, the band played in just over an hour and provided a lot to make them a fun live act. With that in mind, the slightly reduced version of their typical show was still a solid outing. As Wayne Coyne said in a pre-show speech, The Flaming Lips will be back to do a great show in the future, and Saturday night will leave no indication that their final return will not provide it. It was.

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