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Frankfort, Kentucky (LEX 18) — The growth of Franklin County parks depends on the members of the community.

In the coming weeks, citizens will be able to comment on the future of Frankfort’s Lakeview Park. Some people already share their thoughts.

“Remember the opportunity you had the best time in your life and put it in a survey to see if it fits in this property,” said Philip Parnin of Pros Consulting, who is tasked with gathering community opinion. I will. ..

According to Parnin, there are about 120 acres and about 80 people have already responded to the survey.

“Recreation all year round,” Panin said. “Although there is already recreation here, they are considering indoor recreation as well as a component of the park all year round.”

Part of the goal is to make sure that improvements bring strong revenue potential.

“The longer people stay here, the more money they will spend not only on the park but also on the businesses around it,” Panin said.

The investigation can be completed online.. Some questions ask how often you use the park, which park facilities you use, or which events you attended.

Shawn Reaves is the president of Frankfort’s theater company. He believes that a dedicated performing arts center will be a welcome addition.

“We know that many people think of parks as hiking trails, athletic events, etc.,” Reeves said. “We absolutely support all these initiatives, but there are also parks, and recreation and recreation include theater and performing arts.”

Bob Logan is from Frankfort. He likes and supports parks, but he also wants to see downtown grow.

“The downtown area is for conventions, parties and social gatherings, and the park must be reserved for park-related activities such as Frisbee golf, volleyball and softball,” Logan said.

The survey will be conducted online until August 8.

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