The Grammy nomination process changed after The Weeknd called it “damaged”

The Grammy Awards will no longer use an anonymous jury to determine their candidates, the Recording Academy announced on Friday.The decision will be made after the award show Faced with severe criticism He calls on last year’s award-winning Canadian pop star The Weeknd to be more transparent, despite a record run at the top of the charts.

The Academy has also changed the number of categories that Academy members can vote for and added two new awards. This is “to reflect our ongoing commitment to evolving with the world of music and to ensure that the Grammy® rules and guidelines are transparent and impartial.”

Previously, a jury of at least 20 selected the top 8 candidates from the top 20 voted artists in the four largest categories (best albums, songs and records of the year, and best new artists). .. For Associated Press. The majority of other award candidates were also selected by jury of various sizes.

Currently, the Academy states that all candidates are based solely on thousands of votes from the Academy’s voting members.

“It was an unprecedented year of change for the Recording Academy. We are very proud to continue our growth journey with the latest updates to the award process,” said Harvey Mason, Jr., Interim President of the Recording Academy. The CEO said in a statement.

“We are honored to work with the music community all year long to further refine and protect the integrity of the award process,” he added.

This announcement follows criticism from The Weeknd, who had the song that dominated the charts in 2020. The hit single spent 40 weeks in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 charts, and the album topped the charts in the first week, but he won the 63rd Grammy Awards.

“The Grammy Awards remain corrupt,” he tweeted in November. “You are thanks to me, my fans, and the transparency of the industry.”

Weekend, whose name is Abel Tessfay, later stated: statement To the New York Times, he boycotted the award and would no longer allow his label to submit his music to them. He hasn’t commented publicly since the new process was announced on Friday night.

The Grammy nomination process changed after The Weeknd called it “damaged”

Source link The Grammy nomination process changed after The Weeknd called it “damaged”

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