The greatest role model in the world?Emma Raducanu and her fellow teenager | Zoe Williams

WIt’s always my habit that Mr. Z wakes up earlier than I do, but I ask him what’s happening in the world. My plan is to trick him into feeling like a Hermes character (God, not a delivery company) who sees everything, not a man who is really married to a lazy man.

When this happened on Sunday, he told me: Emma Raducanu.. I knew she had Winner of the US Open Because it was already late at night. You knew it anyway. The build up to the match was fairy tale quality. She was so young that her potential victory was so important that she was the first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title since Virginia Wade 44 years ago. You don’t have to do anything other than see it.

The next morning’s opinion was divided into four methods.Some were wins against something like Piers Morgan and John McEnroeSaid quite a bit about his 18-year-old’s ability to cope with summer pressure when he was out of breath and dropped out of Wimbledon in the last 16 games.

The appeal of this entertainment to certain types of middle-aged men is unique and makes unfriendly claims about the character of prominent young women. It’s as if her splendor is a scam that only candid speakers can reveal. Raducanu didn’t have to win the Grand Slam for Morgan to look stupid, but it was fun to see the two clash.

Some pointed out that this is the reality of migration and identity. Born in Canada to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother, Raducanu is fluent in Mandarin and no one is patrioticly celebrated. Arrived in Kent at the age of 2..Writer Dominic Minghella came up with this idea Its logical conclusion: “You can celebrate La Ducanus or push the boat back. You can’t do both.”

Partly, what kind of racket it was, you could win the US Open, but it was still too young to go out for a drink in that country. This is to pass a relevant opinion when you don’t want to have a real opinion.

The last part was paused to reflect that Canada’s Leylah Fernandez was still a teenager and was defeated as gracefully as Raducanu won. It is also open and generous. I am also very good at tennis.

It’s hard to admire these young people without feeling uncomfortable. They are the qualities of a role model for the world that middle-aged and older should have nailed: strength under pressure, maturity, and humility. In a sense, it’s easier when sports, the natural stage for them to maximize their ancestors, are everything. Still, it’s hard to go unnoticed by the people underneath the sports kit and suffer from the maturity and discipline you’ve come to expect from adults in public.

When their athletic ability is not released from their moral compass or self-awareness-if older, but still surprisingly young Marcus Rashford, Say, or Simone Biles – They throw the norms of the adult world into stricter salvation.When their pitch is the future of the planet – like Greta Thunberg – It’s even more embarrassing for older adults. She made her voice so powerful, even far from the orbit of force, but millions of more influential people couldn’t use it.

It’s probably what’s causing the now regular uproar that old critics have about young people-quite guilt and insufficiency, which isn’t necessarily misguided to any of us, but never wins. Few people should feel bad about not being a Grand Slam.

For the rest of us, it’s hard to get sour when we’re bowing. This is the perfect antidote to conflicting conflicts between generations. It is a country that explodes with pride in Raducanu, who is as optimistic as tennis.

The greatest role model in the world?Emma Raducanu and her fellow teenager | Zoe Williams

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