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The HD-83 flipped frequently, but Bramham is working to prevent Roberts from receiving it. – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma House District 83 is considered an important seat for Republicans during this election cycle. The district was under Republican control for decades before the current Democratic incumbent, Chelsea Branham, defeated Jason Reese in 2018.

When Republican Randy McDaniel reached his term limit, Bramham won a seat, leaving a window running as a new voice during the historic 2018 teacher strike in Oklahoma.

The House district covers Edmond, Nichols Hills, Oklahoma City, and The Village.

Republican businessman Eric Roberts is now facing Bramham in an attempt to turn over the House of Representatives again. Below is a summary of both candidates based on the questionnaires they personally completed. Free press And external research.

In less than a month before the November elections, FreePress will cover the details of the race in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. By doing so, we hope that you, as a reader, will have a better understanding of the choices you will make on November 3rd.

Chelsea Branham – Incumbent

Prior to taking office, Branham was responsible for economic and social justice at the Oklahoma City branch of the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), a non-profit service provider for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Was known.

This experience undoubtedly influenced the representative’s policy making when she drafted a bill proclaiming April’s sexual assault awareness month in Oklahoma, but it could not cross the house.

In her first year in office, most of the bills she submitted banned DHS from supporting foster parents by private foster care agencies or providing foster care services to young people in Oklahoma. It was about foster parents.

None of these foster care systems have been signed by the governor, and only one of Bramham’s bills is law.

The law was the State Contractor Incentives Act of 2019, which helped create more employment opportunities for local contractors.

Education and healthcare

Bramham explained how improving the lives of Oklahoma is important for economic growth.

“Companies often miss bids for business opportunities because they feel they lack the proper investment in education and healthcare to support their employment needs (eg, recent Tesla),” she said. Is writing.

When it comes to healthcare, the representative is an advocate of Medicaid expansion. “I work with my colleagues to find an SQ803 funding solution that doesn’t reduce funding for other institutions or resources for families,” she explained.

The representative earned a master’s degree in International Economics and Development and conducted research in Zambia to improve the health of the community before returning to Oklahoma to work at the YWCA.

Dark money attack

Bramham has recently become the target of the Oklahoma MAGA Alliance. Oklahoma reported calling for a group investigation because the Oklahoma Democratic Party did not register with the Secretary of State before spending more than $ 1,000 on the campaign.

Mailers were allegedly sent claiming that Bramham was supporting a leftist group like Antifa. There is no information on Bramham’s website or social media platform to show that she supports Antifa.

Eric Roberts – Challenger

Roberts is a land developer with nearly 30 years of ownership of Colonial Center LTD and other businesses. Republican candidates believe that their business management experience will help Oklahoma and its pending financial crisis.

“I know you can’t run government as a business, but you can take business principles and apply them to government,” Roberts wrote. “The state is seeing a $ 1.2 billion shortage next year. It would be helpful to be a little more business savvy at the Capitol.”

This is not the first time a businessman has run for it. In 2018, he ran for Senate 30th District of Oklahoma, but was defeated in the primary.

Campaign goals

Robert wrote in Free press The most important issues for him are criminal justice reform, support for local businesses, and education.

A campaign ad posted on Facebook shows Roberts’ family knocking on a business door and asking them to open a store. Next, the video is cut by Roberts and explains the importance of keeping your business safe and open during a pandemic to improve economic growth.

“We don’t yet know the full effect of this, but we can’t stand the secular stagnation of the workforce, stop producing goods and services, and don’t hesitate,” he wrote on the campaign’s website. ..

He also supports ensuring that education spending goes directly to the classroom. “The state spends nearly $ 4 billion on education, schools can’t buy books and desks, and teachers have to pay supplies from their pockets,” he explained.

While talking to Frederick Douglass’s Republican Women’s Club, he said he met many educational professionals and explained the shortage of supplies and the hardships of large classrooms.

That’s why he believes the school districts need to be integrated. This means reducing the number of Oklahoma superintendents in order to put more money into the classroom.

Roberts also wants to see more alternatives to further reduce the amount of money spent in state prisons, instead of imprisonment given to people suffering from addiction and mental health problems.

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