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Bridgett Wilder, founder of Perseverance Health and Wellness, is one of the keynote speakers at the Healthistry Summit. (Photos of NNS files are courtesy of Bridgett Wilder).

At a community event on Saturday, we want to provide residents with new tools for managing mental health gathered from city experts.

The Healthtree Summit focuses on healing and coping with colored races during a pandemic. The event will also discuss the importance of mental health and mindfulness and blame services.

La’Ketta Caldwell is the founder of KeytalifeAn organization that advocates and empowers young people to discover their purpose, she Raise the bar, A non-profit organization that provides mentorship and opportunities for young people and adults. She said the event was intended to provide a healing ground for the community. Work began during the pandemic, with events coordinated for women to share healing and coping strategies.

This event will be held at Keytalife, Raising The Bar, Precision Medicine Initiative Research Programs, National Institutes of Health Health Database, and Unity Gospel House of PlayerA church on the north side of the city.

According to Caldwell, the goal of the summit is to bring together people with strong jobs in the community so that they can talk to each individual.

“We will be stronger together,” Caldwell said.

The event is 1748N from 8am to 12:30 pm on Saturday. 13th At St., Unity Event and Resource Center.

Those who are interested You can register for Eventbrite.. The event is free.

Caldwell said he wants about 70 people to attend the first event to make sure the session is personal to the participants. They had about 40 people signed up as of Thursday.

Look at the speaker

Harry Evans, founder of Heal Black Man, a group that engages black men in yoga and wellness services, said he would like to share with attendees tips on how to lead a balanced life.

Part of that balanced life includes exercises such as yoga and meditation to help people move away from their daily lives and cleanse their minds.

Evans said participants were sometimes skeptical. Their prejudice may be that yoga is not “for them.”

Usually they get over it quickly, he said.

“You can see it — it allows them to relax a little, and then we have a little dialogue,” Evans said. “That’s the goal, and it’s about getting men into the habit of expressing themselves.”

Lake Sha Jones, a licensed professional counselor who heads a breakout group for women at the event, said participants will engage in activities that encourage positive thinking and affirmation.

It also helps identify ways to manage mental health, such as activities where participants get a list of techniques and remedies. They identify which one they are willing to try.

“We’re going to help people add another tool to their tool belt,” Jones said.

Cleaning the house

For Ed Hennings, a breakout session speaker, he’s been here for 25 years. Since 2016, Hennings has become the owner of three businesses in the city and started his own business. Motivational Speaking Engagement.. For the previous 20 years, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for a single reckless murder.

When Hennings, a resident of 53206, now talks about it, he talks about “the worst decision of his life.” He was drawn into a lifestyle of “freedom to intoxicate” and the chance to make money for himself. There was doubt that he was the one who led him on the road.

He said Hennings’ 20 years in prison was part of the process. It helped him understand the truth about his goals, dreams, and the strength of the spirit needed to achieve them.

“I told myself that if I had a second chance, I didn’t need a third,” he said.

Hennings said one of the main messages from his session would be “not learning”, as if he didn’t learn bad habits and ideas.

“You have to clean your house,” Hennings said. “If you don’t learn old habits, old trends, and old perspectives, you can’t make room for all the new things you’re learning.”

He said some of it came from messages we received from the outside. He intends to surround himself with something that cheers him up. He encourages everyone else to do the same.

“Everything I see, read, and hear says,’Ed Hennings, you can fly,'” he said. “And I believe it.”

Hennings said fear of failure is a major cause of people’s misery and it is important to overcome it.

“That’s the only guarantee I had and the effort I put into it,” Hennings said. “I need to know that I can give you 110%.”

Benefits of fragility

for Bridget Wilder, Another summit speaker, adversity is like climbing a mountain. The road to the summit is paved during the rocky era.

“I’ve never seen a mountain I tried to climb, so I benefited from climbing the smooth side,” Wilder said. “Because there is no grip, I always slide straight down. My break gives me a grip.”

Wilder said he had found a way to take the life of trauma and broken heart and turn the challenges of his life into a positive one.She is the founder of Patience health and wellnessShe provides clients with fitness and wellness tips,

Wilder has faced many challenges. She lost her husband and 6-year-old daughter. She raised nine children herself. When she was a teenager, she survived sexual assault.

But she was patient and tried to find a way to heal the trauma and helped others see it for herself.

“Many of us have trauma from childhood that we have suppressed, and we are chopped up and roaming from the inside,” Wilder said.

In her current job, she seeks to help people understand the process of healing and recovery from sorrow. There is no perfect blueprint for that. There is no “time of sadness”. It is very important to help people navigate the healing stages and steps, as it often takes time.

She said that recovering from a traumatic event often helps people get mental clarity and more opportunities for it. Working and trusting the process is a big message.

“If you know in yourself that you’re okay, that’s why you run you genuinely and involuntarily,” Wilder said.

Best of all, she tries to share her story and inspire others.

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