The Hermitage Artist Retreat Welcomes New Programs Manager – Tampa, Florida

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James R. Monaghan is a Hermitage An acclaimed artist and community engagement program.

(July 26, 2021) Andy Sandberg, Artistic Director and CEO of Hermitage Artist Retreat, today announced that the organization has welcomed James R. Monaghan as its new program manager. Monaghan will join the Hermitage after serving as Asolo’s Dramaturge and Literary Manager. In his new role, Monaghan will be responsible for coordinating and managing Hermitage’s acclaimed artists and community engagement programs. He works closely with Sandberg and the Hermitage team to oversee Hermitage’s nationally renowned Artist Residency Program and work with hundreds of Hermitage artists to bring us innovative, authentic and unique programming. Bring to the area.

“We are very pleased to welcome James to the Hermitage family and we are confident that he will be a special addition to our wonderful team,” says Sandberg. “I’m happy to work with James in collaboration with Asolo, and I’ve come to know him as a deeply savvy and passionate person in the arts. We’re new. When extending and developing programming, James’ thoughtful creativity will be a gift to our artists and our community. “

Prior to working with the Asolo representative, Monaghan wrote about theatrical design when the Tow Foundation Fellow of the Roundabout Theater Company Archive created a one-on-one theatrical experience. [antidote] He worked at the Croatian National Theater in Rijeka and in the literature department of the Play Company in New York. He is a resident artist at the Catwalk Institute and American Literature Manager and Dramaturge Directed newsletter and recent digital production Awakening of spring With the Georgetown Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Prior to completing MFA at Columbia University, Monaghan received a BFA as an honor student from New York University and worked as an educator and director in his hometown of Houston, Texas.

“I am excited to join such a passionate and talented team dedicated to serving the Gulf audience, a community celebrating the important role of art in shaping our future. “I’m doing it,” says Monaghan about his new role. “Hermitage provides unique and genuine insights into the creative process. We are honored to be able to participate in the growth of its heritage.”

Monaghan has joined other recent members of the Hermitage team in the past season. This includes Operations Director Elizabeth Power and Development Director Amy Wallace.

Hermitage accepts artists for a few weeks stay at the Gulf Coast Mana Sortakey Campus. There, diverse artists from different disciplines around the world create and develop new works such as visual arts, theater, music and literature. As part of their residency, Hermitage Fellows participate in a free community program to reach out to viewers in the region, interact with world-leading artists, and bring the hearts of extraordinary projects and artists to life before the work is completed. It provides a unique opportunity to “peep”. To major galleries, concert halls, theaters and museums around the world. These free and innovative programs include performances, lectures, interactive experiences, reading, open studios, school programs, teacher workshops and more, serving thousands of people in the local community each year. increase.

For more information on the Hermitage and upcoming programs, please visit: HermitageArtistRetreat.org.

About Hermitage Artist Retreat:

Hermitage is a non-profit artist’s hideout in Manasotaky, Florida, and invites skilled artists from a variety of disciplines to the residence on its beachfront campus on the National Register of Historic Places. Hermitage artists are invited to interact with the local community and reach thousands of Gulf Coast residents and visitors each year with a unique and exciting program. Hermitage Fellows include 13 Pulitzer Prize winners, poet laureate, MacArthur “Genius” fellows, and multiple Tony, Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winners and candidates. Created in this beachside hideaway by a diverse group of Hermitage graduates, the work went to famous theaters, concert halls and galleries around the world. Each year, Hermitage awards the $ 30,000 Hermitage Greenfield Award for new works of art, the newly announced $ 35,000 Hermitage Major Theater Award for the original theater committee, and the Hermitage Award for composition at the Aspen Music Festival. increase. For more information, please visit HermitageArtistRetreat.org.

Hermitage is supported by:

The Hermitage Program is partially supported by awards from the National Endowment for the Arts. Sarasota County Tourism Development Tax Revenue; Ministry of State, Department of Culture, Florida Arts and Culture Council, Florida (Section 286.25 Florida Law), and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Charles & Margary Barranchik Foundation, and Community Foundation in Sarasota County.

The Hermitage Artist Retreat Welcomes New Programs Manager
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