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Not only is sports betting banned in Florida, but local governments also impose very strict regulations on traditional and online casinos. Games like roulette and poker are available, but you can’t bet money. This is very disappointing for Florida gambling fans. But there is some good news for them. Measures are being taken to legalize the activity. This is a brief history of sports betting in the state to provide some context.


The Florida government has been discussing the legalization of sports betting for some time. Great effort must be made to achieve this, and there are considerable potential complications associated with the entire process. After some research, it became clear that the government and the Seminoles had to make a deal to enable sports betting. This tribe owns the Hard Rock Casino franchise in Florida.

There may be a solution by offering the option of running sports betting at the casino, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at this time. Still, some parties involved in the negotiations were optimistic, with signs of slight progress in 2021.

There is really no way to get around the story. Insiders report that sports betting is only possible through the casino franchise. Naysayers have always been present, pointing out past battles between Disney and Seminoles, but with no satisfactory or friendly results.

Silkia Patel (R), 29, celebrates after betting on the FANDUEL Sportsbook at the 53rd Super Bowl LIII in East Rutherford, NJ, February 3, 2019. REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz – RC1EDC5B90B0

Did you always look like this?

Those who are unfamiliar with the history of Sports betting in Florida You may be wondering how long this stalemate has lasted. During the Great Depression, Sunshine was optimistic about gambling and gambling. Florida legalized these activities in 1932. This is a big milestone by everyone’s standards. The future of gambling and betting in Florida looked bright. Legislative measures have attracted many tourists to the southern states, and a lot of money has been poured with them.

Three years later, the state also legalized slot machines. This is when the industry really begins to thrive. However, all local casinos decided to remove the slots in 1973.

Cruise anywhere

Now, all the biggest surprises: Eleven years later, two wise entrepreneurs have hatched a “law-bending” plan in their favor. They have set up a cruise service with a so-called onboard casino where people can gamble to “guarantee a more comfortable overall experience”. Of course, the cruise itself wasn’t important at all. Everything revolved around gambling. The ship was not associated with a particular destination.

Florida legalizes casino gambling

The state legalized casino gambling in 2004. This happened after a complex and protracted process involving Seminoles and other powerful local tribes. Of course, gambling is only allowed in franchises.

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Offshore casino

Some online casinos for Florida’s population may appear to be based in Florida. Because it’s actually offshore and doing business in the gray area, Florida people can place bets online. Most of these bets are not in sports.

Embarrassed state

The situation is very complex when you consider how much Florida can benefit from legalizing sports betting. Hard rock chains are Florida’s first port of call for many tourists. Floridians are enthusiastic about their sports teams and sports betting will bring more money to local governments. Sunshine State is a well-known team from Magic, Panthers, Inter Miami CF, Jaguars, Dolphins, Orlando City FC, Heat and Marlins. The enthusiasm for sports betting is correspondingly high. The only option available to Floridian is betting from another state.

Now a notorious tweet, Miami Dolphins He called on Florida residents to bet and support the team, and developed the encouragement to “protect the right to bet on sports.” It is unclear what effect this has had. The situation was awkward at every event, especially given that the Seminoles are one of Miami Dolphins’ biggest fans.

Final idea

For all accounts, Florida is a great place to live, but the lack of sports betting is one of the major drawbacks for gambling fans there. Currently, some efforts are being made to legalize it, but things are even more complicated than they look. The most important aspect of this situation is the process of negotiations with the government. Seminole The underlying relationship between the two parties is not always exactly strong.


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