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The Home Alone pop-up bar at Union Station, Nighthawk opening Friday – Kansas City, Missouri

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NS Home alone Conductor club pop-up.Photo by April Fleming

Book now: Home alone Pierpont’s pop-up bar keeps you warm this season

Today, the holiday pop-up bar is standard every year. We can’t help ourselves: over-the-top tinkering and light and theme cocktails, and something different is always okay, especially after the strange years we spent.

You can try this year Tiki Christmas Julep, NS Winter ski lodge Chicken and pickles, NS A holiday bar with the theme of a ring story North Kansas armor, and Silver bell supper club NSAnaly..

You can also shuffleboard and enjoy seasonal cocktails On the main street, And there Miracle bar, Set to take over the bar near you. But for now there is one particular little gem that you need to book your place. NS Home alone bar so Conductor clubPart of the ever-changing pop-up series created by the team of Union Station Pierpon..

The Pierpont people on the third floor, once a messy meeting room set, curated the real-life experience and Home alone: Little Nero’s pizza box on the wall, a photo of Fuller drinking Pepsi, and even a Buzz bookshelf with a photo of a tarantula cage and his girlfriend.

When I first visited the bar last weekend, I thought the concept was bought and imported into KC every year like the popular miracle bar from coast to coast (and they seem to succeed in their quest for world domination. ). But it’s all a homemade effort and makes it much better.

Not only is it kitsch and nostalgic like the best holiday bars, but the spirit of fun (and its successful execution) of making things, from the clippings of wet bandit newspapers on the walls, is what the staff really do. It’s great because it proves that I had it in. It’s fun to put this together. I’m a little happy about that too. And there are sake and snacks! There should be more like this.

Home Alone 2

Home alone appear. // Photo courtesy of April Fleming

Cocktails are also worth visiting. “Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal” is in a glass gun with a stopper on the barrel. When you open it, the smoke becomes round. The rest of the cocktails (Angels Envy Bourbon, J. Leaguer Cafe Amaro, Ginger Liqueur, Vermouth) are poured on ice ($ 15). “You are what the French call”Les incompetents“” Is a shrub of gray goose, difoul pineapple liqueur, and spiced cranberries poured onto ice ($ 14). Some more drink names: “Lovely cheese pizza martini just for me”, “Look at what you did, Ya Little Jerk!”, And, of course, “Are you more thirsty?” “

To visit, you need to Please make a reservation in advance. There’s a $ 2 cover that you pay in advance, but this is basically a “no flakes at the time of booking” fee, well below the cover fee for some other pop-ups.

Home Alone 3

Conductor club battle plan Home alone Pop-up bar. // Photo courtesy of April Fleming

Some more events for your weekend

Photos from Nighthawk in Kansas City

Photo courtesy of Nighthawk

Friday, November 26

Nighthawk, New underground bar Hotel Kansas City (1228 Baltimore Avenue) will be open to the public for the first time. The sophisticated yet intimate music forward bar has a homely atmosphere created by chef Johnny Reach, with traditional cocktails, specialty hardselzers, tap cocktails, and fried Bologna sandwiches, spaghetti and meatballs, and deviled egg pickles. There is a bar snack. (Town, Delpost, Momofuku).The door opens at 5 pm

November 28 (Sun)

Paradise Garden Club (1621 Locust Street) will be 2.Visit their store for coffee on Sundays Cafe Orama, And food from French custard When Yori Tortileria.. There are STEM activities for children and live music (11 am-4pm).

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The Home Alone pop-up bar at Union Station, Nighthawk opening Friday Source link The Home Alone pop-up bar at Union Station, Nighthawk opening Friday

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