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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-10-11 00:44:10 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — A magnitude 6.2 earthquake off Naalehu rocked the Big Island of Hawaii on Sunday afternoon and was felt up to Kauai.

Geologists said it was not caused by Kilauea or Mauna Loa, and neither volcano was affected. According to experts, it was the strongest earthquake in Hawaii since 2018. Earthquake of magnitude 6.9 Attacking the south side of Kilauea, Eruption began at Leilani Estates..

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According to experts, this quake has nothing to do with volcanic activity, and this type of quake occurs every 10 years. Residents of the Big Island are not unfamiliar with the earthquake, but some say it felt different and more intense.

“This was another quake. It was a more intense shock, and then it began to shake,” explained Vicky Hanson, who lives in Naalehu. “This was just a bum, a boom-it was just an explosion type, so we thought the volcano had blown away.”

She said the house began to shake violently and the ground felt like it was shaking. “Let’s never experience something so strong here in Hawaii,” she continued.

According to Hanson, the quake lasted about 30 seconds. She and her husband returned home and saw minor damage.

“All the wine glasses were flipped over to the cupboard. One of them fell to the floor and broke. There were some cracks in the drywall and some plates flipped into my China hatch. In return, all the photos are bent on the wall. I was scared. I was hit by many earthquakes in Hawaii, and I was never so scared. “

Vicky Hanson living in Naalehu

Viewers sent KHON2 photos of items that flew to the floor from the shelves of Naalehu’s Ace hardware.

Another resident had just installed a security camera at home with his son, and a video sent to KHON2 showed that the quake struck with great force and the camera came off the wall.

Maureen Dwyer was sitting on the sofa in Kihei, Maui, when she looked at her watch at around 11:49 am.

“Suddenly I felt the rock on the sofa I was sitting on swaying back and forth. I thought,” Boy, this is strange. ” I think it was an earthquake, “Dwyer said.

According to geologists, the quake resembled a magnitude 6.7 earthquake off the coast of Kihoro Bay in 2006.

“These earthquakes were not produced by the actual magma system within the volcano,” explained Kenneth Hong, director of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory for Geological Survey of the United States. “They have nothing to do with eruptions, magmatic bodies, inflation, etc.”

He said they are generated from the weight of a volcano that sits in the earth’s crust and bends it downwards.

“A normal lithosphere looks like this,” he explained, pinching his fingers to each other with his other hand. “And I put the island in the middle. It bends, but my fingers slip. So they will be a little jerky like that, and that’s what we’re seeing.”

He said the quake reported several small rockfalls on the Halemaumau Crater.

“I don’t think the quake will change the plumbing systems of either volcano,” he continued.

According to Hong, the quake is felt deep enough throughout the state, and the USGS typically receives 50 to 100 reports of people who felt the quake within the first hour. Within the first hour of the quake on Sunday, October 10, he said they received more than 1,300 reports.

He also said that at a magnitude of 6.2, well-built homes would not be damaged.

“The last thing I heard from the Hawaii Civil Defense Agency was that they had been reported, but most of the time they had fallen off walls or shelves,” Hong added.

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Several aftershocks have been reported, and Hong said Hawaii residents can expect to experience some aftershocks in the coming days.

‘The house started shaking violently,’ Naalehu residents and experts describe 6.2 earthquake Source link ‘The house started shaking violently,’ Naalehu residents and experts describe 6.2 earthquake

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