The IMF has expressed “complete confidence” in the leadership of Cristalina Georgieva

Cristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, will speak at a press conference in Washington, DC on March 4, 2020.

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The International Monetary Fund has decided to remain as managing director, despite accusations that Cristalina Georgieva influenced reports of support for China while at the World Bank.

“After reviewing all the evidence presented, the Board reaffirms its full confidence in the leadership of the managing director and his ability to continue to perform her duties effectively,” the IMF said in a statement Monday. Stated.

Apart from this, the Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen “Without direct evidence of the role of managing director, there is no reason to change the IMF’s leadership,” he said in a statement.

Georgieva has been the IMF’s boss since October 2019.

Prior to that, he was Head of the World Bank since 2017. The report conducted by law firm Wilmer Hale and requested by the Bank’s Institutional Review Board was in this position. She influenced the results of several major studies To improve the appearance of China.

“George Eva has become directly involved in efforts to improve China’s ranking,” Wilmer Hale said in September while at the World Bank. [in the Doing Business Report].. “

The Doing Business report is a key part of the World Bank’s annual survey and assesses how friendly a country is to its business activities.

In the 2018 report, China was initially ranked 85th, but after influence from within the leadership team and intervention from Beijing, Wilmer Hale evaluated the country to end up in 78th. rice field.

In a statement on September 16, Georgieva said: “I fundamentally disagree with the findings and interpretations. [of the WilmerHale report].. “

Countries such as France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom reportedly supported Georgieva as the leader of the IMF. However, some US officials were a little more skeptical.

Yellen said in a statement Monday that Wilmer Hale’s report raised “legitimate issues and concerns.”

“We believe the United States needs to take proactive steps to enhance the integrity and reliability of the data at the IMF,” he read the statement.

The IMF has expressed “complete confidence” in the leadership of Cristalina Georgieva

Source link The IMF has expressed “complete confidence” in the leadership of Cristalina Georgieva

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